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The key to managing weight loss can be a simple endeavor. Simply learning how to plate your food properly without the worry of over eating has rich potential in reducing body weight. Portion control is the key to managing daily calories. But using everyday plates may not be sufficient in helping you to accomplish this.



I have enclosed for your review a plate that a client found on



As you can see this plate is sectioned to accommodate the food groups necessary to fuel your body:



  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates


CarbohydratesVariety of Carbohydrate products


Variety of Fat sources





Variety of Protein sources




Fill your healthy food choices in the appropriate sections.




 Over time the GOAL will be:


  • To identify what a proper food portion should be. 
  • To get you comfortable consuming healthy food choices. 
  • Making better conscious decisions concerning food.


It's the small and consistent changes that makes the longest lasting body changes.



Hope this helps clarify some things.


Abu Pigott DC




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