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  • Why we Sweat and how it helps Us Change.

    Why we Sweat and how it helps Us Change.

    Sweat it's apart of the exercise experience and is apart of the process of body changes necessary to help you change your body. Why do we sweat how to make our bodies more efficient. Firstly what is Sweat:? Sweat is mostly water and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium. Sweating is designed to help us cool our bodies off and make us less susceptible to over heating. which can cause us too have heat stroke and a sluggish heart and lead us to faint pass out or worse have a seizure. The best way to minimize over heating is by drinking water. How much water? Well the urban legend is (8) 8 fl oz of water per day. But the more up to date method is 1/2 your body weight ....

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  • Thermogenesis: It's Benefits

    Thermogenesis: It's Benefits

    What is Thermogenesis? It's the ability of the body to generate heat. The process by which food when eaten is turned into energy for your body to use for fuel. Well how does that pertain to my body? Raising our core body temperature aids us in burning stored energy. Primarily carbohydrates and fats. Our daily energy expenditure consists of three components :
    basal metabolic rate ( non active )
    diet-induced thermogenesis ( eating food or certain food )
    and the energy cost of physical activity. ( being active ) Line items 1-3 are referring to METABOLISM
    : The definition of metabolism
    is :
    Burning foods eaten
    Converting foods to building: making cells, muscle or ....

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  • The Balance of all things

    The Balance of all things

    Hello Next Levelers, Balance is the key to life. How many times have you heard that phrase? In movies; such as "Star Wars" Anakin ( aka Darth Vader ) was to bring " balance to the force" You hear it in politics: Creating a "balance" of power in the world. (aka super power ) But what does Balance mean when it comes to the body? There are many forms of balance that can pertain to the body. Balance between the heart and lungs, Hamstrings and quadriceps, Chest and upper back. There needs to be coordination and symmetry between these areas to allow you to function. As you can see any interruption between your heart and lungs can lead to lung and heart aliments. But the one we focus on ....

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  • What is the best yogurt to eat?

    What is the best yogurt to eat?

    I never grew up eating yogurt as a child. It wasn't until I moved to California in the early 1990's did it become a regular part of my morning breakfast routine. The yogurt I ate in the beginning was the kind that had a lot of fruity compote at the bottom of the container. You know the kind that has a "jelly like" consistency with a lot of sugar. Recently in America the industry has been embracing more of the European style yogurts . Such as Fage and Chobani which are high in good fats and low in sugars. Currently, I eat the brand of yogurt which you see posted. It is organicand it has a reasonable amount of "real sugar" rather than "high fructose corn syrup" and it has all the nutrients ....

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  • The things that you don't eat will kill you!

    Here is a very interesting article that was sent to me from a NEXT LEVEL client. It was interesting because the title indicates something other than what the article proposes. Once you read it you can come to your own conclusions. Regardless, making better choices and working out on a regular basis with your Oakland based personal trainer can only help you reach your fitness goals that much quicker. Yours in Fitness, A.Pigott Next Level Fitness ....

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  • Focus and it's Importance in Personal Training

    Focus and it's Importance in Personal Training

    Focus is something we need, if we want to succeed and get results. Whatever the challenge having Commitment and Determination can/will let you complete the task before you. Namely, having the Focus to stay on course. So how to we develop the focus part of the equation?
    Commitment + Determination = Focus One of the first things to developing good focusing skills is to recognize what are the things that make you lose focus:

    Do you get bored?
    Do you let other things get in the way of current projects?
    Are you surrounded by people who make you lose focus?
    Do you find it difficult to manage your time? I'm sure that you could name a few more to the list above. But the main part ....

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  • Fitness as a Lifestyle: Why having a Personal Trainer is helpful!

    We all make an effort to look our best as we go out into the world. We put on make up, go to the hair dresser and we put on nice clothes. We don't even think about not brushing our hair or teeth. It's second nature to do these things. It's a part of living a HEALTHY SELF
    . So how do we make exercise apart of that daily repertoire? In order to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine there first has to be a mind RE-PURPOSE
    . Not a mind change but a RE-PURPOSE.
    Too many times we look at exercise as a means to an end. Lose weight and lose inches. Fitness can't and shouldn't be looked at like that. It's no wonder that people don't like exercising as the PURPOSE
    for their success ....

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  • How to prevent the Fitness Blues

    Well its the third month of the year and a number of the fitness facilities that I go to where I have off-site clients I'm already seeing it. The dreaded 3 month FITNESS BLUES
    !!!! What is the 3 month fitness blues? Check out the list below and recognize if you have or had any of the symptoms. It's a curable dis-ease that with due diligence you can recover quite quickly. Review the symptoms and study the solutions and you too can prevent and stave this scourge that plagues people doing ALL the RIGHT THINGS
    as they navigate their fitness journey. 1. Getting Tired Solution: Get adequate sleep. Plan on going to bed to get @ least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Set your alarm clock for ....

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  • Exercise is Medicine!

    Exercise is Medicine!

    We all hear it and read it but are we doing it?! Exercise is Medicine. It sounds like an oxymoron but it isn't. It's true as ever. We need to Exercise to live. Movement is life. And if your not moving your not living. Clients at Next Level Fitness in Oakland, Ca 94610 are and have been learning the benefits of living an active lifestyle. Clients come 2-4 x a week. We stretch, we perform aerobic exercise and we lift weights. Exercise is like brushing our teeth. We need to do it DAILY!!! Combing your hair. You ever not leave the house not combing your hair? I don't think so! Fitness is life. Don't you want to LIVE!!!. Contact me and let's get started! Dr. Pigott Next Level ....

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  • Scientific Benefits of Exercise as we get Older

    This article was recently written in the the New York Times: To summarize it's contents it makes the case for exercise as we get older: Regular fitness increases:
    Muscle strength
    Increase endurance
    Reduce risk of injury
    Minimize the risk of falls
    Increase cardio efficiency
    Increase muscle proteins which increase capillaries which circulates more oxygen through out the body Regular exercise performed 2-3 times a week for a minimum of 30 - 50 minutes that encompasses multi-joint activities is the best form of fitness to perform. At Next Level regular class participants exercise a variety of ....

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