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How to Calculate your Exercise Training Zones

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How to Calculate your Exercise Training Zones

When working out we want to be able to push ourselves. But knowing the intensity of a particular exercise (  i.e running, strength training ) and how it affects you can be beneficial in helping you to minimize DIS-STRESS and MAXIMIZE results in a healthy and helpful way.

The formula to help you determine what those Heart Rate Training Zones ( Hr ) may be are listed below:

Determine what your Resting Heart Rate (RHR ) is upon waking up to start your day. Maybe 5-10 minutes after getting your day started. Sit down in a chair, take a few deep breaths and then do a few things:

  1. Use your index finger and place it on the Carotid artery in your neck
  2. Use your index finger and place it on either of the wrists and palpate the Radial artery
  3. Or make it simple; look at your FitBit or iWatch.

Once you have determined your (RHR ) place it in this formula:

220 - Age - RHR = Heart Rate Reserve ( HRR )

I'll use me as an example as to how to calculate fitness training zones. ( P.S ) 220 is the maximum heart rate of an infant

220 - 52 - 60 = 108

We take a percentage of our Herat rate reserve the range is 45% - 85%.

108 ( HRR ) x .45 = 48.6 + 60 ( RHR ) = 108.60 ( 109 )

108 ( HRR ) x .85 = 91.8 + 60 ( RHR ) = 151.80 ( 152 )

Based on my resting heart rate ( RHR ). I have calculated a fitness zone for me to maintain through out my workout. This zone will act as a guide of the intensity of my exercise session.  My zone has a low range of 109, a RECOVERY zone from reps or sets  and a higher zone as I begin peaking DURING my exercise session.

Monitoring these fitness zones allows me to properly gauge how I am training during my session. If I need to ramp it up or down having my FitBit, iWatch, or similar measuring tool to help me figure out my progress.

Please try and calculate your fitness zones. If you need help let me know @ your next session. This will be a great asset in helping to improve our physicality.

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