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  • How to have a Healthy Gut!

    How to have a Healthy Gut!

    Recent science has illustrated the benefits of having a good balance of healthy bacteria in our digestive system. It has been found that good gut health leads to a healthy, longer life and less risk of disease. The case for a healthy gut is rooted in the condition called DYSBIOSIS. Which is when the bacterial flora in the gut is imbalanced and leads to inflammation in the gut lining. This condition can lead to " Leaky Gut Syndrome " Where the lining of the small intestine is perforated ( small holes in the intestinal wall ) and its contents leak into the surrounding tissue. As a result, inflammation can arise and lead to : diarrhea constipation upset stomach allergies These ....

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  • The world is Coming back to Normal. Are you ready?

    The world is Coming back to Normal. Are you ready?

    It's seems as if there is light at the end of the tunnel as we near the end of the crisis we have been dealing with for the past 16 months. As the #'s drop and the vaccine is being distributed people are beginning to resume some sense of a normal routine. How do you proceed back into the world after a lockdown? The first thing is figure out what you want to be going. Then begin exploring whether that endeavor is feasible. Determine your comfort level. Is it 1-1 or small group training. If small group training what are the class sizes? Are they outside or online? Once you determine a facility. Call ahead of time and find out their hours ,days and times of their classes and/or facility ....

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  • How to press your Fitness Reset button

    How to press your Fitness Reset button

    Hello Current and Potential Next Levelers, Every year we begin a new year in our fitness endeavors as we make an attempt to get your body back in shape. How do you make your fitness goals a reality? Well we start with reset by analyze your : palate : what are you r daily food choices digestion: are you having digestive issues that can prevent you from assimilating nutrients in your diet metabolism: how are you fueling your body Attitude : perception of yourself Once you get a idea of what you need to improve upon you can address it by following these 5 action items: Food : What is the most important meal of the day? The one after you wake up. BREAKFAST!!! What a cool ....

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  • Women's Health: Telltale Signs that you are having a Heart Attack

    Women's Health: Telltale Signs that you are having a Heart Attack

    Unbeknownst to many, women are at risk for developing and having stressors which can affect their hearts and lead to life changing and altering affects. It is prudent for us to not only understand what leads to heart attacks in women but most importantly how can we ( and I hope we never too ! ) know when a loved one is in the throes of an episode. A heart attack is when one of the arteries that supplies the heart with oxygen gets closed off and starves the heart. This blockage can occur due too: Diet: poor food choice, irregular eating times, skipping meals Stress: work, relationships Metabolic: diabetes, liver Here are some statistics from ( Heart & Stroke Report 2018 ): 78% ....

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  • How to properly use your bathroom Weight Scale!

    Most of us weigh ourselves on a daily or on a fairly consistent basis. But what is the best way to insure that you are using your bathroom scale efficiently ? Below I have listed some tips for YOU on how to maximize your results using your bathroom scale. Before we begin if you have a rickety old scale , GET A NEW ONE!!!! Make sure your scale is clean and doesn't have dirt or moisture on or it. Make sure that your scale is on a " firm" flooring! No mats, carpets. Hardwood or tile is preferred. Check that its calibrated. Adjust the floor knobs on the bottom of the scale. Put a " leveler" in the middle of the scale to see that it's level. Figure out what is the best time to weight. For ....

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  • How to Create a Fitness Plan.

    How to Create a Fitness Plan.

    Hello Fitness Friends, In my last blog I spoke on the topic of " Learning from your fitness Past" . Only by studying what worked and didn't work concerning your fitness efforts can you figure a plan to proceed forward. Once you have analyzed and figured it out. Where do you go from there? I listed for you some action items you should be undertaking to make sure that this time. Your commitment to fitness is successful and you going to create the idea body for yourself! Begin by: Picking the days and times that work with in your schedule. Accessing what fitness equipment you'll need. Based on your workout space what equipment should you have? How long should I workout? Start with 30 ....

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  • Tips for Lifelong Weight Control

    Tips for Lifelong Weight Control

    Welcome to the year 202!! Let's hope this year will be better than the last. As we begin again, so do millions of our fellow citizens as they start the process of losing weight (again) isn't easy, but it can be done, Especially, with a structured and well thought out fitness plan. The first thing to ask yourself is why do you want to lose weight. Be honest! Many people make unrealistic goals that can never be achieved. Such as losing 20 lb. in a month. never going to happen . The key to losing weight is following a reasonable and sensible daily activity regime that is very user friendly and you can do regularly with out any undo stress. Your primary focus in the beginning of your ....

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  • Fitness Lessons: Learning from your Past

    Fitness Lessons: Learning from your Past

    I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work. Thomas Edison All of us, either current, or in the past have tried and failed at a great number of things. Some of us tried again with a different approach and others never tried agin. Beginning something new is not fraught with challenges. The key is how to we make our attempts as successful as possible and minimize setbacks that may derail our progress. The best way to ensure a successful endeavor is to reassess what attempts in the past were successful and which weren't. Taking this nuanced approach to your fitness well being is just as prudent. Think about your past attempts to kick ....

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  • Headaches what is the Cause?

    Headaches what is the Cause?

    I have been getting a # of clients telling me about how they have been having headaches. At some point in our lives we all may experience "headaches" The degree of the experience is likely due to a # of factors some genetic and some environmental. Headaches are never pleasant. In fact it's one of the conditions that leads to people going to the doctor. Although there are a # of medications both OTC and prescription. A real cure eludes us in eliminating this aliment. The WHO indicates that between 127 - 300 million people experience HA like symptoms on a regular basis. Unfortunately, a vast majority of these people are women. One reason for this disparity maybe a result of the hormonal ....

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