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  • The Power Of Fiber

    The Power Of Fiber

    Fiber is a necessary nutrient in our diets to help us regulate a number of vital functions in our bodies. According to ythe American Journal of Lifestyle Mediceine 95% of Americans afre deficeient in fiber in their diest. Fiber aka "roughage" comes in two distinct forms: Soluable: 25 - 38 grams Insoluable : 5 - 10 grams The balcene that both of theses fiber forms hav on our bofies is emmeience. Below is a partial list of the many benefits of adding both forms of fiber to your regular diet: low cholesrtrol decrease LDL ( low density lipoproteins ) promotes weight loss : Adding fiber helps "bulk" meals to slow digestion which promotes "fullness" helps mange diabteese : helps ....

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  • How Water plays an important role in Immunity

    How Water plays an important role in Immunity

    Water is the gift of life. All living systems on the planet earth require water for its function. As a result water is essential in the maintenance and function of the human body. Water definitely plays an important role in fitness. We know we have to " stay
    " while we exercise and most prudently when we are not exercising. But as always what is the proper amount of water to consume on a daily basis? Well ,the literature is numerous but not agreeable on what the ideal amount of water to consume. The "rule of thumb" has been to take 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces and divide that # ( by the fl oz to be consumed ) * i.e 16.6 fl oz or 8 fl oz*
    The other measure has ....

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  • Timing your Workouts. The difference between success and failure!

    Timing your Workouts. The difference between success and failure!

    Determining what the best time of day too workout.
    Will help you to maximize your training potential and continue to have regular and consistent sessions as you progress forward on your fitness journey. One of the first things I ask prospective clients is "Are you a morning or evening person?" Trust me. Clients always for some reason what to choose the opposite of what is ideal for them . If your an evening person don't make a commitment to the morning if your not @ 100%. It only sets you up for failure! Let's take the time to look @ what a morning and evening session may look like to you. Morning 5:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    According to a study in " National Association of Sports ....

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  • Feed your head with Fitness!

    Feed your head with Fitness!

    Hello Friends, We all exercise to lose weight and build muscle. But new research is now finding that fitness also builds new brain tissue. As a result, we may be boosting our health by 50%. The goal as always is to build a stronger body. Now there is evidence that brain function can improve and we can approach our training a little bit differently. Exercise is known to reduce stress ,depression and anxiety if performed on a regular consistent basis. It's benefits are just as effective as :
    psychotherapy Exercise, due to increase oxygen in the brain causes the lungs to expand, as a result of aerobic activity ( activities > than 2 min ) brings more oxygen to your ....

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  • The Power of Potassium

    The Power of Potassium

    What is K+ ( Potassium ) Read this article from the NIH ( National Institute of Health ) It is an essential mineral salt found in foods that can help our bodies regulate a variety of functions:
    Blood pressure ( stimulating relaxation of blood vessel walls )
    Recover from muscle spasms ( as a result of sodium (Na+) imbalance
    Regenerate muscle so you can workout again ( speeds up mineral absorption to push harder during a workout ) Unfortunately, most people do not eat enough potassium rich foods to adequately store K+ in their bodies. Due to the types of meals we eat or SKIP
    we don't consume as much of this important nutrient. If anything we eat foods high in SODIUM
    (Na+. aka ....

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  • 7 Steps to Better Family Fitness

    7 Steps to Better Family Fitness

    We all strive to be healthy and we all want our families to be healthy. The best way to ensure the everyone is on the same page concerning health is to exercise to together! I have listed below 7 steps
    that families can implement to create lasting physical changes in their bodies. 1. Set Healthy fitness goals
    : As a family with busy schedules in involving school and work. Creating family goals can be essential in having long term results. Start with a S.M.A.R.T Chart.
    pecific: Eat more meals together during the week
    easurable:meals as a family 3 x week
    ttainable: have themes for meals
    elevant:for the next month
    ime bound 6:00 pm 2. Make changes to your family ....

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  • Six things you can do to Jump Start your Fitness Program!

    Six things you can do to Jump Start your Fitness Program!

    We all want to be healthy and fit. But, what is the best way to begin a fitness program? There are a multitude of videos and articles and how to's out there. But, sometimes you need simple concrete action steps to get the ball rolling. Once you have plan you can create the ideal body that you want for yourself. Although, jumping right into fitness has its benefits. Not planning to train will ultimately lead to fitness failure. It's in your best interest to structure an exercise routine that is easy to navigate and you can be consistent. These steps although elementary are VERY
    significant because it gives you a structured plan to exercise on a weekly basis. Over time because you ....

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  • Exercising in Uncertain times

    Exercising in Uncertain times

    It's been about 8 weeks
    since we were "asked" to Shelter in Place . The horizon for normalcy is uncertain at this time and many of us are not sure what the future will hold. " BUT
    " in the meantime, what can and should we be doing now? Particularly when it comes to exercise, healthy eating and positive thoughts. Well let us review some " ACTIONABLE
    " ideas that we can employ to help us get through this unique time in our lives
    Time oF Day
    : Remember the good old days. You know 8 - 10 weeks ago. when you HAD TIME
    and didn't realize it. Now you need to figure out what time of day is best for you to begin your exercise. I know WE ALL HAVE A LOT OF TIME
    . It's how we manage it that ....

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