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  • Supplements do we need them?

    Supplements do we need them?

    Hello Next Levelers, There has been a for some time in the media and around health circles in general on the benefits of taking nutritional supplements. There are pro's and con's to taking supplements. But the main goal of taking supplements is to make up a deficiency in our diets as a result of not consuming the necessary nutrients required to sustain a healthy and productive life. I have taken supplements on and off for years. Overall ,I take some supplements on a regular basis: Vitamin C, B-Complex, Vitamin E, beta carotene, zinc. These products are beneficial in reducing oxidative damage to our cells. Oxidation is when "Free radicals" unpaired electrons "poke" holes in our cell ....

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  • Here is a simple workout to do on off days

    Hello Next Levelers, Today's article is about simple and effective exercises that you can do to keep yourself active when not at the gym, on the road or at the gym ( not Next Level !
    ) and your not sure what to do. The New York Times has put together a series of exercises that some of you have done at your 1-1 and small group training sessions. The key to these exercises is to keep moving by sticking with the active phase of your training ( 30 sec per
    ) and staying with your rest ( 10 sec between exercises
    ). Doing so helps you to maintain two things:
    you develop an anaerobic training ( short bursts of rapid activity )
    and also an Aerobic training ( over the time the summation ....

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  • Do blood tests tell you much about your health?

    Do blood tests tell you much about your health? Today's fitness Blog is about using Blood tests to determine potential nutritional deficiencies in determining ones risk for developing lifestyle oriented dis-eases. My most recent seminar I attended was very informative. It was about teaching doctors how to read tests. I'm a member of Kaiser and I regularly get checks which at times involve drawing blood. The seminar I attended indicated that hospitals perform a standardize test to evaluate the MOST COMMON occurring markers that MAY indicate dis-ease in the body. The ? that was posed @ the seminar was this? What if you have markers ....

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  • You've Got to Move to LIVE!!!

    You've Got to Move to LIVE!!!

    Hello Next Levelers, Here is an article from the New York Times that helps to validate our efforts to be healthy and fit. The article contains points of view that a majority of us who are familiar with exercise can agree to. But the article stressed the need to be "active". Active in the study is defined as "anything" that you need to do to get from A - B. Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, getting up to go to the bathroom and also physical " conscious" effort to perform " challenging endeavors " i.e weight training, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. In the report this paragraph resonated; Over all, the researchers found, someone’s chances of dying prematurely continued to ....

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  • Why eating breakfast in the morning is so important!

    Why eating breakfast in the morning is so important!

    It has come to my attention that some of you ( not all ! ) don't eat breakfast. It's preferable to at least nibble on something in the morning prior to you having to go to work to use your brains I have written up some bullet points on why it's beneficial to make time for that all important first meal of the day. I'm KISS ( keeping it seriously simple ) Understand the word that we are discussing: Breakfast = "Break" "Fast" = Breaking a Fast ( after a religious or body de-tox a
    " cleansing " ) Therefore eating food to provide sustenance after you BREAK you FAST to EAT.

    gives you energy to start the day: eating in the morning helps regulate your sugar stores ( ....

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  • How to Calculate your Exercise Training Zones

    How to Calculate your Exercise Training Zones

    When working out we want to be able to push ourselves. But knowing the intensity of a particular exercise ( i.e running, strength training ) and how it affects you can be beneficial in helping you to minimize DIS-STRESS
    and MAXIMIZE
    results in a healthy and helpful way. The formula to help you determine what those Heart Rate Training Zones
    ( Hr
    ) may be are listed below: Determine what your Resting Heart Rate
    ( RHR
    ) is upon waking up to start your day. Maybe 5-10 minutes after getting your day started. Sit down in a chair, take a few deep breaths and then do a few things:
    Use your index finger and place it on the Carotid artery in your neck
    Use your index finger and place ....

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  • The Pain in your Back may not be Back Pain!

    The Pain in your Back may not be Back Pain!

    At some point in our lives we all experience some form of musculoskeletal spinal pain. Upper back, Mid back, Low back and Neck are areas that can cause us a measured amount of discomfort. Some of us manage our discomfort by using some of these modalities:
    or in some cases Chiropractic
    adjustments... We have all heard of chiropractic
    but what is it exactly? The principle of chiropractic simply is to maintain the structural integrity of the spinal joints. The spinal column which is made up of bones ( vertebrae ) that articulate ( move ) with each other ; which along with muscles, ligaments and tendons allow us to move effectively and too ....

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  • Why exercising in the Morning may offer the Best Fitness Benefits.

    Why exercising in the Morning may offer the Best Fitness Benefits.

    There has been a number of research and anecdotal evidence to suggest that the "
    of exercise is beneficial in helping people to lose body weight. Now losing weight aren't the only parameters to mitigate fitness results. But weight loss is the #1 reason that we strive to exercise There was a recent study in the " New York Times " ( ) that shares a study that examining the best ....

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  • You Can do More than you Think!

    You Can do More than you Think!

    Unlike most things in life . With Exercise " MORE IS BETTER
    ". An extra set or rep of exercise can only help you get the results you are seeking. YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE ON YOUR OFF DAYS
    Meeting me for our schedule appointments is GREAT
    . But if you aren't:
    Power Walking: 1 0,000 steps / day
    Running Riding your bike: @ least 3 miles / day
    Or strength training: the email I sent on " what to do on your off days " I'll send it again RESULTS WILL BE HARD TO COME BY
    Exercising on your own is very LIBERATING
    . Why? Because you have MADE
    time for YOU
    rself!! Take advantage of it. Having TIME FOR ONESELF
    in our busy lives is worth more ....

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  • A Fitness Poem: "A Little Levity" by NLF client Daryl Rush

    Daryl Rush Class of June 2019 wrote this poem below after 1 of his sessions with me. ( Please share
    ) Today is even more like yesterday than today much to my liking At the end of yesterday's work I was ready to just take a shower and go to bed just then I remembered my body training session oh my I race there just in time it was a very hard session I could barely walk back home but then it actually feels so good to feel residence in my body in this forgotten way I work and move daily but not really like the child I once was that child moved with excitement a discovering of what that body could do sort of test driving that body always testing all energy that body ....

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