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  • How to prevent Winter Weight Gain

    How to prevent Winter Weight Gain

    Many people have a tendency to put on extra weight during the holiday season. In our sedentary culture, where more than a 1/3 of the population is dealing with some amount of " excess weight " The winter season can contribute markedly to how you are able to control your lifestyle during this most festive time of the year. Those extra pounds may stay around year after year. If you aren't mindful of what you are eating and not doing the most of: exercise Increase in weight can lead to these conditions: Obesity Diabetes High Blood Pressure If you have a tendency to gain weight during the holiday season . It behooves you to begin to make a plan or at least create a strategy to tackle ....

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  • Making a Plan for Fitness Success! Part Two

    Making a Plan for Fitness Success! Part Two

    Hello everyone! Hope you are well and in a good space! In my last blog I touched on the theme of " Managing Stress" so that we could get active and maintain our fitness during this difficult time. I wanted to add to the touch points I made before: anxiety depression fatigue anger apathy to be able to cope with the above triggers We need to create: A Supportive environment. Having family, friends and if possible co-workers either join you or hold your feet to the fire. Helps to make good habits stick! Hold ourselves accountable.Make a fitness journal mapping out your fitness schedule. Wear an iWatch, FitBit, or any accurate "tracker' to help you reach stay on point with your ....

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  • Making a Plan for Fitness Success!

    Making a Plan for Fitness Success!

    Aurora and Michelle are best friends who do everything together. Going to movies, restaurants, on trips. It's been that way since college and have kept in touch since jobs, marriages and kids. But like all things "other things take importance". When it came time for Aurora and Michael to make " me time " for themselves they decided to make an effort to exercising together 4 x a week . While it worked for a few weeks over time Aurora started to added running in on time that Michelle couldn't. Then Aurora who played soccer in college joined a co-ed team and was adding another 2 days of activity to her weekly routine. Meanwhile, Michelle tried running but got discouraged " as she put it ....

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  • So, When are you going to start exercising again?!

    So, When are you going to start exercising again?!

    It's been about 6 months since the world as we know it came to a grinding halt due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Things that we took for granted as every day isms are now a thing of the past. For now. As a result of the world wide lockdown maintaining a fitness based lifestyle has been quite a challenge. As soon as the orders came down to "stay in place" all things fitness related at stores and online whether hanging on a shelf or laying on the floor WAS GONE!. Talk about supply and demand! Before the pandemic, you could go to any Dick's Sporting Goods, Big 5, or SportMart and you'd see all kinds of exercise equipment littering the store floor. Not so ANYMORE! As a result of the lack of ....

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  • How to Exercise Online

    How to Exercise Online

    How to utilize online training to get maximum benefits. Now that we are 6 months (+) into the Covid-19 pandemic what are the resources online to maintain an exercise program: First, you have to find a trainer. Look for someone close by where you live. Why? Because they are in your neighborhood and are more than likely able to give you the resource tips on where you can train outside if some of your activities are to be done outside. Second, Does this person have credentials and most of all do they have experience! Experience and the ability to work with a wide variety of people can make the difference between a good trainer and an excellent trainer Third, Does the person you ....

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  • Heat Wave: How to Keep the Body from Burning!

    Heat Wave: How to Keep the Body from Burning!

    I have enclosed for your review a link to the CDC website outlining the best practices in approaching dealing with hot weather:,light%2Dcolored%20clothing%20and%20sunscreen . Please make sure: You are in a well ventilated area. If not air conditioning have you fans facing the door or window so as to suck the heat out Make sure you are staying hydrated Eat light foods. Salads, fruits, nuts. Minimize having to cook inside Wear comfortable clothes. Stay shaded as much as possible Minimize expending energy Do you best to follow the guidelines and use common sense!! Next Level Fitness ....

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  • The Power Of Fiber

    The Power Of Fiber

    Fiber is a necessary nutrient in our diets to help us regulate a number of vital functions in our bodies. According to ythe American Journal of Lifestyle Mediceine 95% of Americans afre deficeient in fiber in their diest. Fiber aka "roughage" comes in two distinct forms: Soluable: 25 - 38 grams Insoluable : 5 - 10 grams The balcene that both of theses fiber forms hav on our bofies is emmeience. Below is a partial list of the many benefits of adding both forms of fiber to your regular diet: low cholesrtrol decrease LDL ( low density lipoproteins ) promotes weight loss : Adding fiber helps "bulk" meals to slow digestion which promotes "fullness" helps mange diabteese : helps ....

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  • How Water plays an important role in Immunity

    How Water plays an important role in Immunity

    Water is the gift of life. All living systems on the planet earth require water for its function. As a result water is essential in the maintenance and function of the human body. Water definitely plays an important role in fitness. We know we have to " stay
    " while we exercise and most prudently when we are not exercising. But as always what is the proper amount of water to consume on a daily basis? Well ,the literature is numerous but not agreeable on what the ideal amount of water to consume. The "rule of thumb" has been to take 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces and divide that # ( by the fl oz to be consumed ) * i.e 16.6 fl oz or 8 fl oz*
    The other measure has ....

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  • Timing your Workouts. The difference between success and failure!

    Timing your Workouts. The difference between success and failure!

    Determining what the best time of day too workout.
    Will help you to maximize your training potential and continue to have regular and consistent sessions as you progress forward on your fitness journey. One of the first things I ask prospective clients is "Are you a morning or evening person?" Trust me. Clients always for some reason what to choose the opposite of what is ideal for them . If your an evening person don't make a commitment to the morning if your not @ 100%. It only sets you up for failure! Let's take the time to look @ what a morning and evening session may look like to you. Morning 5:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    According to a study in " National Association of Sports ....

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