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  • How to Calculate your Exercise Training Rate

    How to Calculate your Exercise Training Rate

    In order to maximize our ability to burn stored energy ( Body Fat ) we need to be maintaining our exercise heart rate between a certain range. The range depends on how fit you are and what activities you will be using to achieve your desired fitness effect. To Calculate your exercise training zone Please use this formula: 220 - ( your age ) - ( your resting heart rate, RHR )* = Your Heart rate reserve zone (HHR)
    Using your Heart rate reserve zone you can determine what your fitness zones should be. For example: Robin is a 42 year old adult. Robin begins by taking their pulse. Either by testing pulses at the carotid artery or the radial artery or if you have a i Watch or FitBit. ....

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  • Best Ideas for Proper Food Choices

    Here is an outline that can give you some ideas on proper food choices: Always eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Make sure your food choices consist of:
    Fluids: Choose fluids as close to water as possible. ( 6 - 8 ) 8 oz glasses per day. or 1/2 your body weight in fluid oz. i.e if you weigh 150 lb. / 2 = 75 fl.oz / 16.9 fl oz ( standard serving of water ) = 4. Therefore, consume (4) 16.9 fl oz bottles per day to meet your hydration needs.
    Carbohydrates: All complex. Whole-wheat is not Whole grains. Whole foods = full energy.
    Protein: land and sea based. Finger tip to Palm size servings
    Fats: A serving of oil is 1 tbsp. or a pat of butter. In this order of ....

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  • How to choose a trainer

    How to choose a trainer

    The key to anyone getting results with a trainer is the relationship that the client has with their trainer. If the relations are strained " no results will be achieved". That is why when you are looking for a fitness professional look for these things:
    How long have they been training clients
    What is the typical client profile they service?
    What is their academic background?
    Do they have experience in helping my needs. Losing weight or building muscle.
    How long will it take to get results?
    What type of equipment do you have?
    How flexible is your schedule?
    Do you provide nutrition services?
    Do you recommend supplements?
    How do we measure my success? These are 10 basic questions that ....

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  • It will be the year 2020. Are you finally going to come to NEXT LEVEL FItness

    It will be the year 2020. Are you finally going to come to NEXT LEVEL FItness

    Hello Potential Next Level Fitness Member, Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I want to give you a heads up on what Next Level Fitness is all about. But, before I do that I want to share some thoughts on what this gym can do for you. We all want to improve how we feel about ourselves. We go to the hair salon, we buy new clothes, we buy "things", we do things for others, but by and large the main thing we seek is satisfaction that we are getting forward in life. Fitness is a modality that definitely can help us reach those plateaus in our life. How may you ask? Exercise is the one thing that when done regularly and consistently can make a positive contribution to our ....

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  • TO Current and Future Clients

    TO Current and Future Clients

    Greeting to all, I wanted to bring you up to speed on the happening @ Next Level Fitness. We have been growing!!!! We had a banner year this year. We signed up 22 new clients who made a commitment to themselves to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. Whether it's 1-1 personal training or participation in our Small Group training classes ( Keep Fit Together ). There was a service to fit everybody's schedule! Next Level has upgraded the equipment. We got a new recumbent bike and a new exercise clock to help make Keep Fit Together run smoother. We also had some new Next Level Fitness apparel made for clients to sport their new bodies.
    New for 2020 will be expanded ( KFT) classes in ....

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  • It's the Holidays and I don't want to Exercise!! Here' a simple solution to garner fitness success thru the holidays!!

    It's the Holidays and I don't want to Exercise!! Here' a simple solution to garner fitness success thru the holidays!!

    Tis the season to be be Jolly, Fa la la la la la la la la, Tis the season to be tempted to folly?! What?!? Yes, it's the Holiday season again. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Years the Quadfecta of holidays has fallen upon us and we get to revel or regret the choices we make during the holiday season. Fortunately, we have Keep Fit Together which is held weekly @ NEXT LEVEl six days a week. Yes six days a week! Sunday is a Rest day. KeepFit Together is a fun, dynamic class that keeps you moving and burning energy ( stored calories ). It's 50 minutes of lifting, running, and sweating. But, it's results oriented. You know yourselves better than most, ( aside from your parents and ....

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  • 7 activities for a Healthy Thanksgiving 2019

    7 activities for a Healthy Thanksgiving 2019

    Hello Current and Future Next Levelers, It's that time of year again. The holidays are upon us again and we are again plagued with the temptation of good friends, family and food. In that or another order. But, regardless of preference we are in the holiday's again and its around this time that our fitness motivations begins to wane and we may find ourselves once agin facing the demon scale or the even worse the syndrome of " my clothes don't fit" There is a solution to this and it involves you making the necessary mental adjustments to not only have a festive holiday minimize you risk for exercise stagnation. I have listed for you 7 items to help you navigate this Thanksgiving season: ....

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  • Supplements do we need them?

    Supplements do we need them?

    Hello Next Levelers, There has been a for some time in the media and around health circles in general on the benefits of taking nutritional supplements. There are pro's and con's to taking supplements. But the main goal of taking supplements is to make up a deficiency in our diets as a result of not consuming the necessary nutrients required to sustain a healthy and productive life. I have taken supplements on and off for years. Overall ,I take some supplements on a regular basis: Vitamin C, B-Complex, Vitamin E, beta carotene, zinc. These products are beneficial in reducing oxidative damage to our cells. Oxidation is when "Free radicals" unpaired electrons "poke" holes in our cell ....

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  • Here is a simple workout to do on off days

    Hello Next Levelers, Today's article is about simple and effective exercises that you can do to keep yourself active when not at the gym, on the road or at the gym ( not Next Level !
    ) and your not sure what to do. The New York Times has put together a series of exercises that some of you have done at your 1-1 and small group training sessions. The key to these exercises is to keep moving by sticking with the active phase of your training ( 30 sec per
    ) and staying with your rest ( 10 sec between exercises
    ). Doing so helps you to maintain two things:
    you develop an anaerobic training ( short bursts of rapid activity )
    and also an Aerobic training ( over the time the summation ....

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  • Do blood tests tell you much about your health?

    Do blood tests tell you much about your health? Today's fitness Blog is about using Blood tests to determine potential nutritional deficiencies in determining ones risk for developing lifestyle oriented dis-eases. My most recent seminar I attended was very informative. It was about teaching doctors how to read tests. I'm a member of Kaiser and I regularly get checks which at times involve drawing blood. The seminar I attended indicated that hospitals perform a standardize test to evaluate the MOST COMMON occurring markers that MAY indicate dis-ease in the body. The ? that was posed @ the seminar was this? What if you have markers ....

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