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  • Blood Pressure: Ways to reduce your risk for Dementia

    Blood Pressure: Ways to reduce your risk for Dementia

    Everyone know that having high blood pressure can lead to a host of aliments such as: Kidney failure. Heart disease New evidence published in the British medical journal The Lancet Neurology has stated the middle aged people between the ages of 35 - 45 who if they have increased risk factors such as: smoking lack of activity overweight obese diabetes can not only increase risk for heart disease but increase risk of mental deficiencies. ( Dementia ) What are some of the ways we can reduce our risk? There are a few ways we can do this. Ways to Lowering our blood pressure Lose weight : Having an ideal body weight where there is a ....

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  • Some Holistic approaches to reducing Blood Pressure

    Some Holistic approaches to reducing Blood Pressure

    In the last blog I sent. I outlined a chart that helps you to figure out what your blood pressure range should be. In this blog, I'm going to discuss some of the best activities to help you manage and control your blood pressure. Fortunately, these are low tech activities that don't involve: medication doctors The only thing you need is a quiet space, a mat, some small weights and your good to go! Mind-Body activities that can help you lower your blood pressure would be things such as; yoga, meditation and going on walks or hikes. According to an article in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology the above listed activities were able to lower blood ....

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  • How to strengthen your knees. Part 3

    How to strengthen your knees. Part 3

    This is the last in a 3 part series of how to treat an injured knee and when to go see a healthcare professional. We reviewed the different types of knee injuries and then we described how to go about treating a knee injury. Now we are going to cover what it's like to strengthen and rehab a knee. Strength training when done properly can increase flexibility and the strength around the knee joints. Lunges Squats deadlift balance activities calf raises To name a few movements that can be helpful in minimizing and at times eliminating knee dysfunction. Activities such as bike swimming elliptical rower hiking Can help ....

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  • How to treat injured knees. Part 2

    How to treat injured knees. Part 2

    Greeting Potential Next Level Fitness Client, In the last blog I was discussing how to prevent knee injury. In this blog I want to discuss more specifically what treatments are available to help you recover from knee discomfort. Listed below are some common approaches to treating and injured knee rest OTC ( over-the-counter) medicatications compression pain relief elevation ice wrap However, it depends upon the traumatic event that is causing this pain. Such as; Twisting Landing awkward Being run into Falling Slipping Bumping into something These are a few of the incidents that befall those who experience knee pain. Some of ....

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  • How to build stronger knees. Seven things you can do now!

    How to build stronger knees. Seven things you can do now!

    Hello, The knees are one of the most mobile joints in the whole body. But, from time to time we can experience aches and pains around our knees. What are the causes of knee pain and what are some of the best ways we can minimize discomfort and dysfunction. Listed below are some Common knee ailments and injuries are: torn cartilage sprain of ligaments strains of muscle fracture rheumatoid arthritis diabetes osteoarthritis Symptoms can range from : swelling weakness stiffness and lack of function ( can't bend knee ) Below are (7) things that you can do to keep your knees strong Strengthen muscles: The quadriceps and the hamstrings are ....

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  • What should you wear to the gym?

    What should you wear to the gym?

    Well you started your workout. Congratulations!! You have the right fitness professional to help you begin your fitness journey . But before you jump in what are some essential items that you should be taking with you on your first day of fitness training? The key to having a good workout are (5) things: Shoes: Your on your feet all day ( depending upon what you do for a living!) and walking and sometimes running to get around. Having comfortable and well fitting shoes are a much. I wear Alra and Merrell shoes. I've found them to have the best fit form my feet. They have the wide toe box which makes my toes spread out more so I have more surface area to navigate my ....

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  • How often you should go to the gym as a beginner?

    How often you should go to the gym as a beginner?

    We all want to get in shape. We read the magazines, we see the videos an we even talk to our more disciplined friends about how to get fit and stronger. It's not like people can't get in shape, its just having the structure and plans to consistently workout and stay regemented to get to the finish line. All it takes is the first step The best way to ensure suscess is to get a Fitness Professional ( aka personal trainer ). If you find the right one ,it'll take all the frustration away and you can begin to see measured changes in your body. What are some of the qualities you should be looking for in a fitness professional? Here are a few: personality academics ....

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  • Hit the Snooze Button! Sleep Apnea can cause more than poor sleep

    Hit the Snooze Button! Sleep Apnea can cause more than poor sleep

    Sleep is very important. But, snoring can make it a bit difficult. Especially, when it's one of your loved ones. What is good approach to alleviating snoring which can lead to sleep APNEA. Those people at risk for: Cardiovascular aliment ( high blood pressure, arrhythmia) Increase body weight ( overweight or obesity ) Diabetics Symptoms you may be at risk: dry mouth night sweats nighttime urination morning headaches night time cramping Night reflux ( acrid reflux ) Treatment Oral applications to hold the lower jaw forward reducing airway blockage CPAP ( continuous positive air pressure ) A medical device that uses a face mask or a mouth ....

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  • What does a fitness assessment do?

    What does a fitness assessment do? In this video, I outline what goes into a fitness evaluation and how these fitness metrics are used to create a fitness program for a client. Follow up with me if you have additional questions. Next Level Fitness A. Pigott DC ....

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