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Why eating breakfast in the morning is so important!

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Why eating breakfast in the morning is so important!

It has come to my attention that some of you ( not all !) don't eat breakfast. It's preferable to at least nibble on something in the morning prior to you having to go to work to use your brains I have written up some bullet points on why it's beneficial to make time for that all important first meal of the day. I'm KISS ( keeping it seriously simple )

Understand the word that we are discussing: Breakfast = "Break" "Fast" = Breaking a Fast ( after a religious or body de-tox a "cleansing" ) Therefore eating food to provide sustenance after you BREAK you FAST to EAT.

  1. Breakfast gives you energy to start the day: eating in the morning helps regulate your sugar stores ( Carbohydrates ) more efficiently. Preventing you from binging on calories later throughout the day
  2. Breakfast: improves diet quality throughout your day: eating healthy in the morning means making wise eating choices which can help you stay focused throughout your day
  3. Breakfast: improves mental clarity: sugars are the only food stuff that can pass from your blood into the brain. Starve yourself by skipping breakfast means your starving your brain of the fuel it needs to function
  4. Breakfast benefits weight loss management: Eating a meal in the morning helps you to maintain the necessary calories needed to maintain your ideal body weight. If you are to consume 2000 calories a day and eating breakfast is apart of maintaining that daily 2000 caloric intake then it behooves you to make sure that you are not cheating yourself from the calories that you need to live optimally.

Listed below are things you CAN and SHOULD eat for breakfast in the morning. Please make sure you REVIEW THE NUTRITION FOOD LABLE. Get FAMILIAR with SERVING SIZES If you don't have " How to Read the Nutrition Food Label". Email me and I'll send you 1.

  • Bowl of cereal with 1% ,2% or whole fat milk. If you have a diary allergy try almond, soy or goat milk as a substitute. Or eat it by itself!
  • Cup of yogurt. make sure sugars are less than 12 grams per servings. If diary allergy then soy or almond alternatives
  • Fresh fruit ( grapes, strawberries, black berries, raspberries, peaches, plums, apples, cherries, bananas ) singular or combination
  • Slice of whole grain bread or bagel ( whole wheat not as fibrous) pat of butter or teaspoon of jam, low fat cream cheese
  • If you like cheese here is list of low-fat cheeses: Mozzarella, Cottage, Colby, Monterey Jack, Swiss, Goat
  • Strip of bacon ( pork or turkey )
  • Or last nights salmon or chicken dinner
  • Nuts ( a rule of thumb a palm full for a serving)
  • Eggs ( scrambled, boiled, poached by itself or with bread, fruit, or 1 of the protein sources above )
  • Tea or Coffee

These choices can be eaten by themselves or eaten as combinations. The main thing is to not miss BREAKFAST. Eating can only help you reach your goals faster.

Ask me at your next session about more ideas concerning morning meal planning.

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