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Why isn't the weight scale changing?

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Why isn't the weight scale changing?

We all have our reasons for wanting to be fit:

  • Some want to lose weight
  • Some want to build muscle
  • Some to prevent surgeries
  • Some recuperate after a surgery
  • Some to increase their athletic performance


...It runs the gamut of what that persons needs are at this particular time in their lives. In the fitness industry, my domain, I get this question a lot:

Have been eating right and exercising. Why haven't I lost weight?

Here are some reasons why that may be the case:

1. Because you think you are eating healthy. Doesn't mean that you might be overeating the healthy stuff! Calories are calories. Eat too much it gets stored. Stored energy is FAT!!That leads to weight gain!!

2. Not pushing yourself enough. Just because you sweat ( which is good ) doesn't mean you are losing weight. Heat release from the body is in the form of water, hence sweat, is heat dissipation. We are trying to burn FAT!! We don't want to lose water.

3.Not exercising enough. Even though you see a fitness professional you still are responsible for maximizing your fitness results. 30 - 40 min training sessions are good length of time for strength training. But their only 30-40 minute sessions. The effects from your trainer last post workout between 2-3 hours. During this time your metabolism is high and burning stored energy. What other activities can you add into your day to burn calories? What about the other 23 hrs and 20 mins left in your day? We have about 6 - 8 hours are sleep, 3 - 4 hours of eating, Which leaves us with 11 - 14 more or less "FREE" hours ( Ask me at your next session )

4. Skipping meals. If you don't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner or some combination STOP!! You are setting yourself up for fitness failure. You are starving your body and it's SLOWING down your metabolism to conserve energy. Therefore, your body is going to store more calories!!

5. Missing training sessions with your fitness professional. Your dropping serious coin on YOU!!! Honor your investment! No missing appointments. Your schedule needs to revolve around your physical and mental well-being. Working helps with that.  Canceling appointments only sets you back and prolongs your dis-stress

I'm sure we can add more to the list above. But the main point is to stay CONSISTENT.  No consistence leads to NO results!! And that is not we are striving towards.

If you're stuck and need help getting out of a rut. I may have some solutions. Please contact me.

Next Level Fitness is a small private fitness facility in Oakland, CA. It is located in the GrandLake area of Oakland. Next Level Fitness provides chiropractic, personal training and small group training services to these areas of Oakland 94610, 94611, 94602. We cater to " Every-Body " but specialize in fitness services for adults 30 (+). Please join our fitness family!

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