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Next Level Fitness response to Covid-19

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Hello Next Levelers,
I hope this email reaches you in good health and spirits.
As all of you know as a society we are responding to the crisis referred to as the "CORONA VIRUS".
I know a number of you are still concerned about the risks associated with this new disease.
At NEXT LEVEL FITNESS, I and other members have been performing due diligence, as recommended by the CDC, in making sure we are:
  • regular hand washing or use of hand-sanitizer 
  • hands free social greeting
  • disinfecting equipment before and after use
  • making sure to use an elbow if coughing or sneezing
  • proper use and disposal of used tissues, followed by effective hand washing
NEXT LEVEL, unlike many spaces, is a controlled environment, this means that there are not a multitude of people entering our facility. Therefore health protocols are easier to implement in such a small space. 
So please be rest assured. That at NEXT LEVEL we will be doing everything we can to maintain a healthy, disease free workout environment for all of us. The key to maintaining optimum health during this crisis is working collaboratively with each other in following all recommended safety and hygiene protocols, whether at home, working out at NEXT LEVEL or while we are out in the "world". 
With this in mind, we kindly request that prior to coming into NEXT LEVEL FITNESS please access the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly before entering the gym.
Although there is no "cure" for this virus, there are preventative measures that  we can implement to help us prepare our bodies against this challenge.
  • Sleep
  • When warranted wear a face mask
  • Sinus rinse
  • Flu and Cold medications if needed
  • From Kaiser: Pneumonia vaccinations version 12 and 23
  • Vitamin C: 1 - 5 grams/day even dosages throughout the day
  • Vitamin E: 15 - 30 mg / day
  • Vitamin B6: 2 mg / day
  • Vitamin D: 800 mg / day
  • Zinc Picolinate ( most bio-available form ): 15 -30 mg / dl
i know some of you are skeptical of supplements but research shows that supplements can fill vital nutritional gaps in your diet (nih.com). The research quantifies that using these 5 in particular can enhance your immune system to respond to any foreign invaders our bodies may deem a threat. When viewed as a way to augment a healthy diet rather than as equivalent to drugs. Supplements can cover deficiencies in your diet and can help increase the biological functioning of your body. Hence supplements help our bodies make sure we have the proper nutrient density to help our immune system ward off disease. Eating a proper diet allows supplements to assist our bodies even more in minimizing symptoms.

  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Your access to crowded places
  • Eating highly processed food ( soft drinks, potato chips etc ) if you do consume stick to a serving size
I can't guarantee anything except that these strategies, along with your cooperation will keep the environment we use to stay fit together as clean and healthy as possible.
Some of you have expressed a desire to perform Video training. Currently, we are using Zoom.us for small group training and Face Time for 1-1 sessions. If you are interested please email or text me and I'll send you a link.
I'm confident that we will overcome this. It's a matter of time, patience and perseverance.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Next Level Fitness is a small private fitness facility in Oakland, CA. It is located in the GrandLake area of Oakland. Next Level Fitness provides chiropractic, personal training and small group training services to these areas of Oakland 94610, 94611, 94602. We cater to " Every-Body " but specialize in fitness services for adults 30 (+). Please join our fitness family!

A.Pigott DC




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