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Nutritional Supplements to Manage your Potential for Respiratoty Aliments

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Nutritional Supplements to Manage your Potential for Respiratoty Aliments

Greetings to all,

Since this "pandemic" began. I have been doing a review of the literature to see if there could be more we as individuals can do to reduce our risk for developing Covid-19.

There is current and past research that has been done to prove the efficacy of taking vitamins and other nutritional supplements to enhance our immune response to infections. Before, I go further. Let's clear this up first. Vitamins are not drugs. Vitamins occur naturally in the physical world. Drugs are made in a lab. One is complimentary the other reactionary. Nutrients take time to have an effect. Drugs are immediate in their function. When used properly they are both useful tools to help us combat illnesses. 

Both have their place in the our medicine cabinets.

The question is how do we maintain our health without having to resort to using OTC medications?

Listed below are known supplements that have an affect on enhancing the immune response to illness. Click on the "vitamins" which will take you to a separate research page that indicates the efficacy of taking on a daily or frequent basis nutritional supplements. These supplements not only minimize deficiency but increase optimal function of our immune system to fight off disease. I have listed for you next to the supplement the daily dosage requirement. ( Click on Vitamin to reach articles )

  1. Vitamin C: 1-2 grams / day
  2. Vitamin E: 200 - 400 IU / day
  3. Zinc: 30 mg / day
  4. Vitamin D: exposure to sunlight, 400-800 IU / day

I am not advocating that these nutrients are cures. Far from it, they are necessary substrates that help increase our bodies efficiency in warding of illness and aliments. Vitamins can allow us to live as pain free and comfortable as we navigate this difficult chapter in human history.

Why our medical institutions are not empowering us more with proactive solutions is beyond this article.

I would encourage all of you to stop reading the NEWS! and start reading solutions and best practices to empower you to better protect you and your family against illnesses. There are plenty of articles out in the world giving us more tools than just:

  • Washing hands,
  • Standing 6ft away
  • Putting yourself in solitary confinement.

Strive to Live! Knowledge is the Key. Get informed and above all maintain an active lifestyle. It'll combat the social isolation and give you a measure of optimism about our future.

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