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7 Steps to Better Family Fitness

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7 Steps to Better Family Fitness

We all strive to be healthy and we all want our families to be healthy. The best way to ensure the everyone is on the same page concerning health is to exercise to together!

I have listed below 7 steps that families can implement to create lasting physical changes in their bodies.

1.Set Healthy fitness goals: As a family with busy schedules in involving school and work. Creating family goals can be essential in having long term results. Start with a S.M.A.R.T Chart.

  • Specific: Eat more meals together during the week
  • Measurable: meals as a family 3 x week
  • Attainable: have themes for meals
  • Relevant:for the next month
  • Time bound 6:00 pm

2.Make changes to your family meals: Add fruits, vegetables and increase your water consumption at the same time reduce your sugary foods and drink intake. Focus on eating portion controlled 

3.Add group family activity to your day: try and make time (using the SMART chart ) to schedule group fitness activities together. Walking, biking and hiking either 30 min - 1hour or go a family fitness circuit at a local park.

4.Get adequate Sleep: Getting adequate sleep is paramount to achieving everlasting fitness change. Plan on sleeping by following the 5 B's:

  • Bath
  • Brush
  • Book
  • Breathe
  • Bed Time

5.Set down the video: Face it our modern world is all about "screen" time. Either phone tablets of the TV. We spend way too much time on these units. Making time for yourself and escaping using these tools are cool every one and awhile. But everyday for hours in end doesn't help at all. Commit to putting these tools down and reorientate yourself to "experiencing" things. a walk a museum, a hobby. There are other endeavors to helping you achieve "downtime".

6.Manage stress: Practice mindful breathing during stressful situations. Follow the S.T.O.P principle.

  • Stop what you are doing
  • Take a deep breath
  • Observe your feeling
  • Proceed

7.Celebrate Success: Reward milestones. 3 meals together this week go to your fr ice cream shop. Hit a group goal of all of you combined walking a certain miles together. These "rewards" give you goals to shoot for when training.

Making time for each other keeps us together as families and creates healthy attitudes and lifestyles that can insure live long values of health and wellness.

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