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Timing your Workouts. The difference between success and failure!

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Timing your Workouts. The difference between success and failure!

Determining what the best time of day too workout. Will help you to maximize your training potential and continue to have regular and consistent sessions as you progress forward on your fitness journey.

One of the first things I ask prospective clients is "Are you a morning or evening person?" Trust me. Clients always for some reason what to choose the opposite of what is ideal for them. If your an evening person don't make a commitment to the morning if your not @ 100%. It only sets you up for failure!

Let's take the time to look @ what a morning and evening session may look like to you.

Morning 5:30 AM - 9:00 AM

According to a study in "National Association of Sports Medicine". Training in the morning provides these advantages:

  • Increased blood flow
  • More alert
  • increase mental acuity
  • lowers your blood pressure throughout the day
  • increase in elevated resting heart rate through out the day
  • burs more fat as you are fueled from the previous days food
  • better control of  your blood sugar 


Afternoon 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

In a study published in "Peak Endurance" these were somethings observed by participants whom participated in afternoon exercise routines:


  • Bodies core temperature, muscle strength and endurance are highest
  • Can perform higher bouts of fitness intensity
  • can lead to better gains in muscle strength and neurological adaptations.


The only challenge with exercising in the afternoon/evening depends upon how close your training session is to your bedtime. Intense training in the afternoon /evening can boost energy levels which is great for the day to when your awake, but not so much before you go to bed! It's best to finish your training before 7:00 PM so that that you can have dinner and allow your food to digest enough so that you can have some meaning Zzzzz's.

In summary, exercising in the morning or afternoon is a personal preference based on an individuals time availability. Pick a day and time that allows you to be consistent with your training's. Once you have figured that out. The journey to sustaining and maintaining an active lifestyle is first determining when you are your optimum.

Next Level Fitness is a small private fitness facility in Oakland, CA. It is located in the GrandLake area of Oakland. Next Level Fitness provides chiropractic, personal training and small group training services to these areas of Oakland 94610, 94611, 94602. We cater to " Every-Body " but specialize in fitness services for adults 30 (+). Please join our fitness family!

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