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The Power Of Fiber

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The Power Of Fiber

Fiber is a necessary nutrient in our diets to help us regulate a number of vital functions in our bodies. According to ythe American Journal of Lifestyle Mediceine 95% of Americans afre deficeient in fiber in their diest.

Fiber aka "roughage" comes in two distinct forms:

Soluable: 25 - 38 grams

Insoluable : 5 - 10 grams


The balcene that both of theses fiber forms hav on our bofies is emmeience. Below is a partial list of the many benefits of adding both forms of fiber to your regular diet:


low cholesrtrol

decrease LDL ( low density lipoproteins )

promotes weight loss : Adding fiber helps "bulk" meals to slow digestion which promotes "fullness"

helps mange diabteese : helps regular insulin releasefrom the pancreas. theby reducing cravings and hunger

more regular #2's: fiber rich diet's help us when we need to go to the bathroom. Helps "scrape" your colon

reduce colon cancer: as mentioned above "scraping" the colon with fiber gets more "crap" out of your body

promotes proper gut bacteeria: helps pro-gut bacteria that is helpful in immunity and assiting in the further digestion of nutrients from foods. promotes healthy gut flora balacne


There is a form of fiber called pre-biotic that helps promote  essential digetion tract examples of prebiotics  1 -2 servings per dayare:




leafy veggies





Fermented foods such as kimchi, yogurt, miso, sauerkraut ( good yogurt . this will be for another blog post! ) are probiotic as they contain "live bacteria" due to the process of fermentation.

As you can see we probably already eat some of these foods on a daily basis.Now that we are made more aware of their benefits we can make sure that we are consuming these foods in qunatitaaies sufficient to help us maintain a healthy and minimize our risk for developing illness.

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