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Headaches what is the Cause?

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Headaches what is the Cause?

I have been getting a # of clients telling me about how they have been having headaches. At some point in our lives we all may experience "headaches" The degree of the experience is likely due to a # of factors some genetic and some environmental. Headaches are never pleasant. In fact it's one of the conditions that leads to people going to the doctor. Although there are a # of medications both OTC and prescription. A real cure eludes us in eliminating this aliment.

The WHO indicates that between 127 - 300 million people experience HA like symptoms on a regular basis. Unfortunately, a vast majority of these people are women. One reason for this disparity maybe a result of the hormonal changes that take place in any given month as a result of the menstrual cycle. Other things could be environmental ( pollution, ) or stress ( relationships or work).

Despite these extenuating circumstances both genders can be debilitated by this condition. There are numerous drugs taken to alleviate your symptoms:

  • Aspirin 
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Anti depressants
  • Botox

But, one treatment often not sited is the efficacy of chiropractic adjustments on reducing a person's incidence of headaches.

How does chiropractic work?

Our bodies are made up of a variety of different tissues. But, the base for these different tissues are the bones of the body. When referring to bones in the neck. We call them vertebrae ( cervical ). There are 7 cervical = neck vertebrae in the human body. They are listed as C1 through C7. "C" represents "cervical". These bones support the head and its ability to move as you interact in your environment. The multiple complexities of movement the is required to move the head and the neck is very dynamic system.

The articulations that allow the neck to move ( the joints or facets ) if they are impeded either through repetitive trauma (sleeping poorly, working poor posture ) or acute trauma ( car accident , slip or fall ) these injuries can alter the functioning of your neck. Because the neck houses the nerves that innervate the head and arms. Any interference can cause pain and disability.

Chiropractic checks each vertebral movement from C1-C7 you can assess which of the 7 aren't moving correctly. Each joint has @ least 10 active ranges of motion so that you can turn your head. When any of the 10 movement patterns get compromised they can interfere with the nerves which can get inflamed and lead to:

Irritation of the blood vessels which leads to reduce blood flow.

Referred pain that can lead to radiating pain

These can lead to HEADACHES!

Determining which joint is not moving correctly will help alleviate any structural problems or soft tissue irritation to help reduce your symptoms. That coupled with:

  • Proper Posture
  • Pillows
  • Ergonomic work station


Chiropractic can be a reliable tool to help you seek comfort.

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