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How to properly use your bathroom Weight Scale!

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Most of us weigh ourselves on a daily or on a fairly consistent basis. But what is the best way to insure that you are using your bathroom scale efficiently ? Below I have listed some tips for YOU on how to maximize your results using your bathroom scale.

Before we begin if you have a rickety old scale , GET A NEW ONE!!!!


  1. Make sure your scale is clean and doesn't have dirt or moisture on or it.
  2. Make sure that your scale is on a "firm" flooring! No mats, carpets. Hardwood or tile is preferred.
  3. Check that its calibrated. Adjust the floor knobs on the bottom of the scale. Put a "leveler" in the middle of the scale to see that it's level.
  4. Figure out what is the best time to weight. For most, first thing in the morning after "voiding" ( tech speak for urinating ).
  5. Do your best to weigh in your birth suit aka ( butt naked! )
  6. Make sure your feet are evenly placed on the scale. try not lean forwards. Nor lean to the side.
  7. Whatever day you started will be you future reference point to measure your progress.
  8. Be consistent with the day and time ( it matters )


Your weight should reflect the progress being made while you're living an active lifestyle.

For reference: 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories. 

Therefore, our focus will be upon burning 500 calories/day either through exercise or a concerted effort to control the types of food you are eating on a daily basis . remember that muscle weighs more than fat. So if you're lifting weights, doing cardio on a consistent basis you will see more muscle development and less overall body fat but your weight may remain the same for a short while before it changes further. This is a good sign of progress.

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