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Three solutions to managing your Workplace during Covid -19

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Three solutions to managing your Workplace during Covid -19

For many of us during Covid working @ home has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages has been the consistently engaging in the new medium of communication which is: VIDEO Conferencing.

While this medium is not new. The usage of it has exploded worldwide as a result of the pandemic. Those most readily to adapt have been able to take advantage of this technology and continue to earn an income for themselves.

While that in of itself is important what has developed as a result of this adaptation is the mired number of complaints of musculoskeletal ailments that either were present or manifested right after March 16, 2020.

Lenovo Technology Group did a survey of 20,000 customers polling their experience since last year. 70% of customers complained of exacerbation or development of pains located in these areas:

  • Neck,
  • Shoulders
  • Wrist
  • Mid back
  • Low back
  • hips
  • knees

Dysfunction in these areas can impact your quality of life and make your efforts to exercise that much more challenging.

Below are 3 Criteria that you can follow to improve your physical self until things in the world open back up.

Minimizing "hunching" over

Working all day can lead to a variety of different positions to maintain your body. One of the worst is hunching over. Whether on the kitchen table, sofa, bed or floor anything that places your spiner in a "curlied position in the long run is not beneficial for you. A majority of this can be attributed to your body position around your computer. Your computer should be by default eye level with your arms @ a 90 degree angle to the computer keyboard. Utilizing a position that is other than that is counterproductive.

Maintain proper Posture

  • Having poor posture can lead to a mired of physical problems:
  • poor blood and lymph circulation
  • compression of nerves
  • strain of the muscles and tendons
  • Pressure on the spinal disc, namely neck and low back

Setting up your workstation can have long lasting effects in improving the above listed aliments. A simple "YouTube" query can lead you to a number of videos on setting up your computer workstation.

Learn to "Turn off" and move about

In this new age of communication we are all in front of our computer screens minutes on end. with back to back video meetings it can be quite overwhelming. Recognizing when to "turn off" and get out of this zone can make a difference in helping you get better and balanced on your way to a healthier physical self.

Here are some tips to turn off and move:

  1. Program your watch or phone to ring every 30 min so that that you can stand or sit or move around
  2. Wear a headset or earbuds to have dial rather tahn standing or sitting
  3. Stretch
  4. Having a foot pad to stand on to absorb your weight
  5. a foot stool for to rest your feet
  6. An adjustable chair that you can use to sit or stand


The best way to ensure that your body won't have long lasting post Covid 19 musculoskeletal effects is to pay attention to how your body feels and don't ignore what your body is telling YOU. Pain is a form of communication. Much like the warning light on appliances letting you know that things are amiss. 

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