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The 4 best practices for Men to maintain their health and reduce risk!

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The 4 best practices for Men to maintain their health and reduce risk!


There is a issue concerning the lack of pro activity of men in dealing with there health issues. About 2/3 Men are less likely to see a Doctor according to a 2019 Cleveland Clinic survey of 10,000 current and past clients. On top of this 20% are less likely to be forthcoming with regard to symptoms they may be experiencing. That lack of candor can increase the risk for common diseases such as:


  1. High blood pressure
  2. Prostate
  3. Skin cancers
  4. Diabetes

As always early intervention is the best medicine to make sure we reduce our risk for illness.

Some of the issues plaguing men in taking responsibility for their health is the machismo culture that is pervasive among men as a result of social conditioning and the biological myths around what and how a man is to think or act. Some of the issues related to this is: 

  • showing strength, not being vulnerable
  • being invincible
  • expressing concern is a sign of weakness
  • fear of " BAD NEWS"

This behaviour can lead to people "self diagnosing" .Where the internet and all things that fit into one's thoughts of themselves make this path the less likely to a positive outcome. This is probably the reason that men live 5 years less than females.

These 4 ways can help your father , brother , or uncle make better decisions about your health and your life:

  1. Find a doctor that "understands you". What it means is that you feel comfortable with this doctor and can express your thoughts without judgement
  2. With your spouse and family. Make it a family practice of talking about what "bothers" you. This can make figuring out things early and reduce the risk for confrontations and more exacerbated condition.
  3. Meet you doctor online, which can be less intimidating and you may be more likely to express yourself , honestly.
  4. If your working out with a fitness professional, one who spends a lot of time with you. Confide in them.

To summarize, tackling potentially complicated health issues can be headed off by taking early action. Talking to your family, doctor or your fitness professional can help you navigate these complex challenges to spearhead action to a positive outcome reducing you and your loved ones anxiety.

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