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Managing Heat: How to Exercise safely in hot weather.

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Managing Heat: How to Exercise safely in hot weather.

The CDC ( Centers for Disease and Control ) reported that data extrapolated between the years of 2004 - 2018 ( 14 years ) showed an average of 728 deaths per year from heat related injuries. In the US alone there are at least 65,000 emergency room and hospital visits just for heat aliments alone. What are some of the best ways to prevent heat injuries when a person wants to live an active fitness lifestyle?

Extreme heat Impact

One of the best ways for the body to cope with external heat is to Sweat. Sweating is the bodies attempt to maintain a balanced body temperature of 98.6 *. Sweating can be compromised:


  • if we wear tight, non breathable clothing
  • Not hydrated properly
  • if the temperature is 104* there is a humidity of > 60%

Different heat stress symptoms

Not all heat related illnesses are the same. Even though the mechanism is hot weather there are some subtle differences.


  • Heat Cramps: Mostly after high intense physical activity
  • Heat Exhaustion: Excessive loss of salt and water
  • Heat stroke: When the body loses the ability to sweat. 

Who's at risk?

Very Young and the very old people and in particular overweight , obese and those who have metabolic aliment


  • Dress light: Light colored material. Reflective colors. Minimize wearing dark colors in the heat. Clothes should not be tight fitting as to restrict movement. Unless, athletic sportswear.
  • Stay hydrated: Goes without saying!!!! 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces. Concerning hydration we are referencing as much "clear liquids" as possible.
  • Limit exertions: If your outside being active ( biking, walking, hiking, exercising ) be aware of your environment. Is there shade, do you have access to a bathroom, are there public water fountains. Above all PACE your efforts. 
  • Check the weather: We all have access to cellphones and tablets that we can use to access the internet to determine what the weather will be. Check daily that before you make a commitment to your activity.

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