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Making time for yourself. Down time

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Making time for yourself. Down time

Have you ever heard these phrases?

  • Slow down
  • Take it easy
  • Things will work out
  • All's not loss
  • You have time

I listed these phrases to illustrate the beginning of my topic. We all "ass-sume" that things are simple and can be done with the snap of a finger. As well meaning as these phrases or statements can be. They can at times minimize the significance of being able to create an environment where you can truly make TIME for yourself.

I have listed below some 4 tips to help you create an ideal environment for you to find downtime to recharge your batteries:

Use your hands: Here are some things you can do with your fingers besides texting!


make crafts,

fix a bike a car,

projects around the house,


These endeavors are just as rewarding. If you plan accordingly, these can be enriching kinesthetic actions i.e. ( Hand-eye coordination ) Which leads to a healthy brain! Non electronic activities can help you get away from the digital world for just a little bit.

leave the devices at home: It can be a challenge in our modern world to leave our devices at home. iWatch, iphone, activity trackers. Even though they are very helpful in quantifying our daily activity. We can sometime exercise without them which allows us to tune into ourselves and become more mindful of YOU! 

take a walk: walking is one of the first exercises practised by humans. Running is second, as we only perform these activities when in a "fight or flight situation". Taking a walk to smell the roses. Can be one of the simplest ways to get away from the word. To day dream and be in your thoughts can have a high impact on your psyche and empower you to new heights! So start walking!

lay under under a tree: lying down, seating down. Either way take a breather and stare at the sky and be inasmuch bliss as possible. This is very healthy and can help calm your mind. With all the stimuli that we have in our environment we could use some time to "forget the world" for just a little bit.

As with all things you have to start to begin. First, check your schedule and see what time you can plan for yourself. In the beginning it'll be a challenge. But, over time you'll get into a routine. Then it won't be that difficult in the future to schedule and make TIME for yourself.

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