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7 Effective and Proven Brain Strengthening exercises

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7 Effective and Proven Brain Strengthening exercises

Hello again,

I recently came across some articles talking about the topic that I have written about for you today. As we get older we increase the likelihood that we will experience some form of mental decline. We never would want that, but if we don't practice some if the techniques listed below you may be on a course of no return. I have looked on the internet to find you the best ideas out there concerning maintaining a healthy mental space in our lives. I can't guarantee that they will work, but i can guarantee that if you don't try you will not be successful. Therefore. Don't try . Do!

Alzheimer's and Dementia are two of the most common forms of mental decline that the general public is most familiar with. According to an article published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry these 7 best interventions have been cultivated from over 400 studies seeking best practices and methods to abate the development of early onset mental decline which can be in the form of dementia or alzheimer's.

Here they are:

1. Put on pounds:  Maintaining a healthy body weight reduces your risk

2. Exercise your mind: playing board games, solving puzzles, drawing, building all help wire your creative brain. The more challenging the activity the more "brain stretch" you can accomplish.

3. Take charge of diabetes: Increase blood sugar can play havoc on your brain. Sugars in the form of glucose are the only fuel that can pass into the brain. Without that uptake facilitated by insulin your going to have trouble staying focused and maintaining energy.

4. Protect your head: Reduce head injuries at all cost. Wear a helmet, wear a seatbelt. Wear a hat in hot weather.

5. Control your blood pressure: High blood pressure can also increase brain pressure leading to clots and strokes. Get a check up, take medication. But above all eat better and move your body more!

6. Deal with depression: We all experience this. Some small bouts others full blown. Try and talk to a therapist or your doctor about methods utilizing drugs and therapy to manage lives challenges. Your not alone.

7. Minimize Stress: Again something that we all deal with! When you live long enough or your cognizant about yourself. You can begin to understand the triggers and situations that can lead to a stressful day, week or month. 









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