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What to eat when your Busy!

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What to eat when your Busy!

Hello Potential Next Level Client,


Getting stuck in the fast lane seems to be a way of life for most of us these days. Too much to do ( work schedules, kids schedules other commitments have limited the time that people spend on taking care of themselves in relation to smart food choices and physical activity.

It's easy at times to say that " we need to make a commitment" which is true......... but easier said than done! If you want to change you need to do it immediately as the thought occurred to you. Not to ponder its' significance! 

I fear to many do the latter rather than the former. In particular when it comes to food choices. How do we eat better when we are busy living our lives? 

Below, I've listed 3 action items that you can do immediately to get help you make wiser food choices when on the run.

  • Make good nutrition a priority: Just as you make exercise a priority, make the same with food. Just because you workout doesn't mean that you can eat whatever you want. It doesn't work that way. Sometimes a few minor tweaks can make all the difference in losing a few extra pounds and seeing more muscle tone.
  • Eat balanced meals: Become familiar with the food pyramid. and get more comfortable reading nutrition labels on the foods you choose yo eat. Make sure you follow the 35-40-25 rule. 30% of your diet is from carbohydrates, 40 % from Protein and 23% for fats, this formula has the potential to help you reach your body composition and strength goals
  • Enjoy delicious foods:Eating should be a pleasure! Make the most of recipes online or follow your favorite FOOD NETWORK ( Jacque Pepin and Gordon Ramsay are my go to online cooks! ) star. Try new sauces and condiments. Add unique spices such as tamarind, ginger, to some of your dishes. These flavors help bring out the best in food! Learning to dip rather than drown your food can make a world of difference on your waistline!

These 3 action items are user friendly if you take the time to "figure YOU out" Only with self reflection can we make the necessary adjustments to improve and better our lives for us and our loved ones.


Making the time to eat better during your busy lifes can make a world of difference to your whole body.

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A.Pigott DC



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