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Allergie Season is upon us. A few tips during on managing your risk.

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Allergie Season is upon us. A few tips during on managing your risk.

Now that we are all going out into the world after having been sequestered in quarters for almost 3 years. We look forward to going out for food and socializing with friends and family in intimate spaces. But, there is something lurking outside in the environment that we haven't been exposed to for quite sometime............POLLEN!

Pollen, the the super small seeds and material that flow in the air, laying down on fertile land to grow the flowers and the food we need to live on this planet can wreck havoc on our immune systems and if you don't become more proactive on prevention you can run the risk having having a serious allergic response that could put a serious damper on all those fun activities you were planning on having with family and friends.

First, we need to understand what causes an allergic response. It's when pollen or other air irritants are inhaled through the nose and these foreign particles are not apart of the normal nose and lung environment.

As result our bodies produce a series of chemical reactions one of them being the release of histamine ( Think Benadryl ). Histamine is the bodies response to irritants. Your familiar with a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, short breath , wheezing. Well that is your body responding to an irritant.

I know it sounds crazy but the body is protecting itself by "blocking the nose" making you stuffy, "short breath or wheezing" protect the lungs, "itchy eyes" tearing of the eyes. As you can see the bodies defensive mechanisms although beneficial can make us "feel" a lot of discomfort.

There are a number remedies for this response:

  • Benadryl ( over the counter )
  • Montelukast ( prescribed )
  • Inhalers ( prescribed )
  • fexofenadine, loratadine,cetirizine ( over the counter or prescribed )


These medications can help minimize your body's response to airborne irritants and provide you a measure of relief and comfort.


How does exercise help manage your allergic response?

Exercise can improve your immune response by increasing your cardio respiratory function. Breathing deeply and rapidly allows you to:


  • take in more oxygen
  • clear your lungs faster
  • increase the surface area of your lungs to absorb more oxygen
  • respond quicker to airborne irritants allowing to ( cough, spit out the irritant )

Performing aerobic activity within a heart rate zone of 118 - 152 is an optimal range to increase the breathing pathways and minimize an inflammatory response. Using a heart rate monitor or the heart sensors on aerobic equipment can help you monitor and check that you are training correctly in your fitness zones.

Maintaining a regular fitness routine and taking the necessary over the counter or prescribed medicines listed above can be helpful in minimizing your risk for an allergic response. Depending on your age, activity and any underlining health issues could have deteriative effects upon your health.

Check with you primary health care provider about any potential risks and after your results seek out a licensed fitness professional to help you jump start and maintain a fitness based lifestyle to stay in peak physical health.

Hope this information was beneficial to you!


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