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When is the best time to drink Water!

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When is the best time to drink Water!

Hello Potential Next Level Clients,

We all know that water is beneficial to us. The more we drink the healthy benefits to us can help us stay healthy and minimize some of the detriments that happens when we don't drink water.


Such as:

  • dry skin
  • hunger pangs
  • poor urine flow
  • not able to eliminate toxins through urine
  • hard stools
  • bloating
  • dry mouth


So drinking water on a regular basis can help you prevent the aliments listed above.

But, what is the best time of day to maximize our bodies hydration? Drinking randomly through out the day is good. But, are there times during the day that we can ensure we are staying a float.

Below, I have listed for you some times that you should schedule to drink water. The good rule of thumb is to consume 1/2 your body weight in fluid ozs. Take into account that "drinking" ( not alcohol, I know beer is made with water!) is about "pure H2O".

  1. If, the climate is going to be hot. Drink water the day before to ensure that your water levels are adequate to handle the heat.
  2. Consuming water before meals can help fill you up before you eat too much food. Drinking while eating is not helpful as water can interfere with your digestive enzymes able to bring down your food in your stomach and small intestine leading to burping and an upset stomach. 
  3. Drinking water first thing in the morning can help you void and set the tone for proper H2O consumption throughout the day.
  4. When you drink during the first half of the day ( i.e before 12:00 - 1:00 pm) while your active your body will readily absorb this essential nutrient and provide benefits as listed above.

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