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Water is the Essence of Life

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Water is the Essence of Life

Hello Next Levelers and Potential Next Level Clients,

I know we know this but it doesn't hurt to go over it again.


Ok. I said it again. Now you know what you already knew. The question is what are you going to do about it.

Let's review some of the benefits of regularly drinking water

Water does the body good by: 


  • maintaining proper hydration levels
  • controlling body temperature
  • regulate heart rate
  • provide adequate blood pressure
  • support healthy metabolism
  • protect the spinal cord
  • lubricate your joints

It has been recommended by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to have a daily intake of 125 fl oz for men and 91 fl oz for women. If you drink Spindrift a water that I like to drink it breaks down to:

  • 125 fl oz /12 fl oz = 10 cans / day
  • 91 fl oz / 12 fl oz = 7.5 cans / day

The average adult consumes about 5.5 cups or less and teenagers/adolescents less than that about 2.9 cups a day

Not drinking enough water can lead to : DEHYDRATION


Symptoms of dehydration:


  1. tired,
  2. dizziness,
  3. headaches,
  4. cramping,
  5. dry mouth,
  6. low urine output
  7. dark colored urine
  8. muscle fatigue

You can reduce this risk by making sure you drink water first thing in the morning before you drink coffee or tea. Then it becomes a habit to introduce water into your diet first thing in the morning and can help set the tone for water consumption throughout the day.

Certain populations are at greater risk for dehydration such as:

  1. infants
  2. children
  3. those with chronic illness
  4. people who work out frequently or in hot weather


There are a variety of drink options to choose from to maintain your hydration levels: Your first choice should always be pure WATER.


  1. plain water,
  2. tea,
  3. sparkling water
  4. coconut water
  5. cucumber juice
  6. aloe water or aloe vera juice,
  7. Gatorade ,
  8. Vitamin water


Fluids with electrolytes and vitamins can rehydrate and replenish the body. Make sure they have sodium, potassium and glucose.

Things to make water consumption more accessible is to:


  • Bring your own flask,
  • Carry bottled water
  • drink from a water fountain.

If your exercising and trying to maintain good health WATER must be a part of your routine. If not you are limiting your fitness and health potential and making it more challenging for you to see results.

Hope this tidbit helps

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