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How to beat the Afternoon slump after lunch.

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How to beat the Afternoon slump after lunch.

Ever eat a meal particularly at lunch time and a few minutes to hours later you feel tired and ready to take a nap? Well you're not alone in this experience. What is happening to you is AKA "Post-Lunch Slump"

Hanging with your co workers and getting a burger, fries and a soda. Then in all the reverie you think" you know what I'm going to get is a milkshake!" then you head back to work bloated and burping and then you sit at your desk and while trying to work, your eyes get heavy and the office chair slowly becomes a "Laz-z-Boy" and before you know it your snoozing a few minutes with your head like a "bobble", up and down like a car ornament. Then try keeping your eyes open. Before you know it's time for StarBucks and America's most legal drug: SUGAR!.

Sound familiar?

Well, a simple solution would be more judicious in your food choices. Instead of burger , fries and soda, A salad with chicken, a low calorie (2) tablespoon full of flavorful dressing, with the fries if you really need them instead of pouring "Ketchup" on them. Put the ketchup in a small dish and "dip" your fries into it. Having a carbonated natural flavored water is much better choice ( rather than a Coke with 38 grams of sugar !) which would lead to the sugar and fat rush you will experience after you finish consuming your meat, cheese with whatever topping they put on burgers to make people eat their products.

It all comes down to choices, folks. What you do is up to you how others respond is up to them.

If your tired of being tired. Then making a few small adjustments now can pay off for you later. It really doesn't take long to see results. If your consistent. You get results.

That's why people work with me. Because:

  • We are consistent
  • We are structured
  • We have a purpose

Hope this fitness tidbit help you think. If you interested in working with me in some capacity. I can be reached below.

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