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The Expert’s Guide to talk yourself into regular exercise

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The Expert’s Guide to talk yourself into regular exercise

How many times have you tried to talk yourself out of doing your exercise? A few times......or All the time? I you caught yourself saying these things:

  • I'm too tired.
  • I'm too busy.
  • It's too late.

Then join the millions of others who struggle with the same issue. Are there ways to combat this? Yes. This blog with give you a starting point. To overcoming these objectionable objections. But, you'll have to put in a little work to identify why you say these things and how to reprogram yourself to do a better job. Once you improve your train of thoughts you can make a stronger commitment to yourself to exercise.


It all starts with........

Examining your "negative self talk" thoughts.

The saying goes. " you are what you eat" The same goes with "you are what you think". We establish habits as we go from children to teenagers. Whatever our experience and behaviour patterns we either :inherited" or develop through association 9 family and friends. Is the basis from whom we become as we get older. Understanding what events shaped our early experiences with physical activity can greatly help us identify some of the negative beliefs surrounding (us / youbeing physical.

Some of can be traced to playing with the friends in your neighborhood. Who was picked first or last. Who was faster and stronger and who just seemed to move with ease through sports. Unknowingly to most of us. We all develop at our own rate ,therefore being the fastest or strongest doesn't mean as much as we all can mature to early and peter out when the integrations of our training can greatly serve us better. An example is Michael Jordan who when in high school got cut from the JV basketball team!. We know how that story played out!

We all develop ourselves on our own genetic timeline. When we are ready we become the person we strive to be.

What are some of the negative thoughts of "negative self talk" (excuses) you have had in avoiding exercise? This "negative self talk" can be a recurring theme throughout our lives and we can find that we are doing so unconsciously. One of the best ways to combat these thoughts is to make an effort and jot down the times we say things that are counter to our goals of developing a fitness habit: A few examples are:

  • I'm burnt, I don't want to workout.
  • I'm exhausted, I want to rest.
  • I haven't eaten yet.
  • I should go to happy hour with my friends.
  • I'll do it tomorrow.

Once you say these things and you will act on them and it gets ever harder to ignore them. What are some the tools to counter their influence over you. The best way to counter these negative thoughts is to already have a response to them. This is a result of you writing down the times and the "negative self talk" you say:


  1. I'm burnt, I don't want to workout. I'll do a little and just get it over with. 
  2. I'm exhausted, I want to rest. I can rest after I workout. Then I'll have a good sleep
  3. I haven't eaten yet.  Let me drink a glass of water. That can help mitigate hunger pangs
  4. I should go to happy hour with my friends. Hmmm, I'll see them on Friday. I don't have to work on the weekends and during the week it can mess my sleep up.
  5. I'll do it tomorrow. If I don't do it and I go home in front of the TV. By the time I get home I would finished my workout.

As you can see from above examples. Once you develop counters to your "negative self talk". You will best be able to change your motivations. This "negative self talk" which has been an obstacle to you becoming consistent in good exercise habits. You will no longer be a "trigger" for you to stray of course. but. it'll be a "trigger" to defeat the urge to quit on your fitness journey. 

Do your best to be consistent and the results will come.

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