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The Six Steps to becoming Athletic everyday.

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The Six Steps to becoming Athletic everyday.

If you live in Oakland. You just happen to live in one of the best places on earth.The City despite it's reputation has an abundance of things going for it. Temperate weather. Walking trails, bike paths, outdoor athletic facilities upgraded with the lasted calisthenics equipment. There is so much to do. Go to Lake Merritt and you'll see all manner of people participating in all forms of physical activity.

Oakland isn't the only city that has nice public amenities. You just need to know where to go. In Oakland ( where Next Level Fitness is located ) we are in the Grand Lake area of Oakland. Near Lake Merritt. The neighborhoods have may stairs and hilly streets that we can get a great aerobic work out. Again, if you know where to go.

Post covid many are still working from home so you can take advantage of the surrounding environment to keep you mind sharp and your body healthy.

He are a few fitness tips to help you establish a active lifestyle.

Keep Moving

Go to any neighborhood near the Oakland hills and you'llfind a pethora of stairs connecting the hills to flatlands. remnants of Oakland trolley and tram years. They staris connect you to beautiful neighborhoods and stunning views of the Bay. Find a course and walk it. Set it up for 15 minutes. You'll be clear headed and rejuvenated.

Get up after an online meeting

If on a Zoom or Facetime call and you have abreak. Here is your chance to get outside and walk in your "hood".  Again a quick walk around the block can do wonders for your mental space.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water throughout the day rather than drinking coffee can make you feel fuller and reduce your craving for food.

Pace yourself

Try and pace yourself when getting outside. You don't need to run. If you have the time by all means do it. but, if its a quick jaunt around the block a steady pace not to slow not to fast can help stimulate the necessary endorphins and help strengthen your heart muscle.

Quantify data

We live in a tech world. So use the tools of today to help you figure out how active you are. From My Fitness pal which's helps track food, to fitbit and an Apple/Samsung watch tracking your steps and calories burnt during activity. Getting feedback on your active levels can help motivate you to stay focused and on top of your training.

Get Lost

Have a walking/jogging course on a regular basis and then have your back up course. Walking or running the same way although familair can get boring. We don't want boring! It leads to lethargy and then we stop all together. Create a walk/run that is short, medium and long. Chance it up. So that you don't get bored and you can challenge yourself.

Fitness is as easy as the plan you create. 

Next Level Fitness is a small private fitness facility in Oakland, CA. It is located in the Grand Lake area of Oakland. Next Level Fitness provides chiropractic, personal training and small group training services to these areas of Oakland 94610, 94611, 94602. We cater to "Every-Body" but specialize in fitness services for adults 35 (+).

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