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Five things to stay Resilient when facing exercising

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Five things to stay Resilient when facing exercising

We all experience some type of challenge in our daily, weekly, monthly life. While everyone's response to life challenges are different. The main thing is that what are the coping mechanisms that we have at our disposal to help us navigate these challenges? Some of us like to think we can weather any storm that comes our way. But, eventually there comes a wave that you aren't going to be prepared for and it's going to put you into some unfamiliar territory. 

The tools we use to help us navigate these challenges can be very helpful. Some of us rely on friends , family and maybe a teacher or religious person. But, what if those resources aren't readily available or at worst you don't have any?

When it comes to exercise there is no better endeavor to illustrate the challenges that people experience trying to "get in shape". It's a multi billion dollar business with endless ads on radio, tv, and social media. All of them touting the latest and greatest fitness exercise or potion that will CHANGE your life forever. I'd like to share a secret with you. There isn't a next best thing.There is only one thing: Putting in a shift.

What does Putting in a Shift mean? It means consistency, frequency and intensity. Which is the formula to fitness success. Consistent + Frequency x Intensity = Results

In order for the above formula to work you have to have structure. This will help you navigate one of the more difficult aspects of ours lives: Being held accountable to ourselves aka Being Resilient

Below, I will list 5 things that can help you be more Resilient when exercising on your fitness journey:

Find a fitness professional whom you can connect with and trust them to help you on your journey. 

When you have found this person. Find days and times THAT YOU KNOW you can stick to. If you're not a morning person don't do it. If you're not an evening person don't do it. It'll end poorly.

Consistently go to bed at a reasonable time and get up with enthusiasm. That way your mentally prepared the night before and the day of to "put in a shift"

Be frequent with your appointments. Some days you're not going to want to exercise. TO BAD! It's apart of being Resilient. Get up and get to the gym. The more you challenge what you don't want the more you have to push back and get it done. 

Put in a shift! Push yourself Bringing intensity with our fitness sessions will GET YOU RESULTS!


Be present and in the moment.you can only control this things that present in front of you. Work and family issues although important have to be managed so that your mission "getting results" is achievable.

You have to do more than try. YOU HAVE TO DO! ( borrowed courtesy of Yoda )

And working with a personal trainer is someone that can help you achieve this. 

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