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Blood Sugar Chaos:How unbalanced sugar intake can lead to poor sugar control

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Blood Sugar Chaos:How unbalanced sugar intake can lead to poor sugar control

There are (3) main food groups that we need to function as humans in our lives. Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats. When we don't have adequate portions of these food groups we can run into problems. Sugar is abundant in all aspects of our food choices. Below is an example of what happens when we consume sugary foods at the wrong time of the day.


Muffin > A morning muffin breaks down into Glucose, spiking your blood sugar levels. (then) Pancreas > release insulin, a hormone that helps the body absorb sugar in your cells (then) Blood Sugar Spike > As insulin is released there is a rapid rise and then drop in blood sugar. Which can lead to fatigue. (then) Cravings > As fatigue sets in the body responds by releasing a hormone called Cortisol a stress hormone that leads use to eat. (then) The Cycle > This can then trigger poor food choices as a result then we get trapped a vicious cycle of under eating and over eating to fuel our bodies.


One way to solve this is to do these (3) things

  1. Add protein, fat or both to balance our carbohydrates
  2. Order of food consumption matters. Eat non starchy vegetables (salad) before meals then add protein and have a small amount of carbohydrates to round out your meal.
  3. Walk after your meal to help absorb your meal so that yu don't have all these nutrients in floating around in your blood stream. ( Minimizing calories )

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