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Unconventional Ways Older Adults can Maintain an Active Lifestyle

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Unconventional Ways Older Adults can Maintain an Active Lifestyle

A Study released by the University of Michigan Medical School in 2017 reported that regular exercise spurs healthy aging and helps with chronic disease management. Older adults can profit from aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching and balance work, the study said. The minimum requirement was that individuals train at least 3 x a week for  40 minutes.*

*the study initially indicated 30 minutes. But I added an extra 10 minutes to take into account performing the Dynamic stretching routine and an aerobic workout. Perform anywhere from 3 - 8 minutes.

The study went on to describe what Exercise improves in adults as we get older:

  • Bone Density for increase bone strength:Decrease risk of fractures
  • Your balance gets better: Falls less likely
  • Strength curve increases: Increase strength potential
  • Flexibility increases: Better ROM ( range of motion ) around your major joints. Back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle

If walking, running or working out at the gym has lost it's appeal. There are a few new ways to enjoy exercise:

Join a Group!

Yoga, Pilates and Dancing are great ways to participate in group exercise training. But @ Next Level our group training class is called " Keep Fit Together" which is a small group of 3-5 people exercising together or individually in a group setting. The class is unique in that it's exercise programs are dynamic and this is a more efficient way to get you results. Studies have found that people are more likely to stay exercising if:

  • They have an appointment.
  • They don't want to let their classmates down by not showing up.
  • They like that the exercises are set up. Taking the guessing game out of what to do.
  • They make new friends.
  • They have a lot of FUN!!

Some further benefits of exercise can help us with maintaining our mental health.

Exercise Brain and Body

Not only is exercise good for the physical self, it is also good for the mental aspect of our lives. Exercise is a great mood mover. Exercise releases endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. These naturally occurring chemicals help has to combat the daily pressures that we are inundated with as we live in our developed high tech world. These chemicals can reduce our susceptibility to:

  • Depression
  • Stress

Performing these activities can help us increase our concentration as:

  • Balancing drills: wobble boards, soft pads, with eyes closed, walking tight beam
  • Agility ladder
  • Navigating multiple exercises

These drills when combined with regular exercise can give you a well balanced approach to conditioning your body. The key is consistently sticking with exercise. That's how results come.

To a Fit life,

A. Pigott DC




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