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How to Navigate Diets

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How to Navigate Diets

Recently, It has come to my attention about some of the latest methods being promulgated to the general public concerning losing weight. The latest idea is "intermittent fasting". This concept proposes days of regular calorie consumption with days of minimal calorie intake. Namely 1200 -2000 calories on regular food todays and less than 25% ( 500 calories or so) women. And 25% ( 600 calories or so ) men.

There seem to be (2) main ways of implementing this idea: the 5/2 and the 16/8 plan

  • 5/2 intermittent fasting is when you eat regular healthy food choices ( 1200 - 2000 calories / day ) 3 days out of the week and on 2 of those days you are consuming 500 - 600 calories or so of healthy food choices.
  • 16/8 intermittent fasting is creating windows of consuming regular calories between an 8 hr period i.e 10 am - 6 pm and eating nothing between 6pm - 9am. The principle of the 5/2 can be applied to this concept also.

Under this method an environment will be created where stored energy ( excess sugar in the form of FAT ) can be burnt as fuel to slim the body. This process is called "Ketogenic" metabolism. The body is using your stored energy ( Sugar in the form of Fat ) to burn energy to workout.

Although it sounds good in theory. My concern is practicality. Here are some points to keep in mind when undertaking any diet and particularly any DIET that may have the term "fasting" in it:

  • Make sure you are eating at regular times.
  • Make sure you are eating clean foods. ( as close to raw (-) meat as possible )
  • Make sure you are consuming the right portion sizes.
  • Be aware  that if you have hunger pangs. SATISFY THEM!! ( with healthy options )
  • Always have small packs of food stuff available ( snack bags or dried fruit and nuts, fruit , energy bar)
  • Plan your meals ahead of time.

Diets work best if you are flexible with what they are asking you to do. Everyday is different. Therefore the challenges that affect you each day change the way you make food choices. Therefore, you have to be prepared to adapt. i.e No Oatmeal in the house for the morning. Solution: Heat up Brown rice 1/2 a cup. Packs as much nutrients and calories as Oatmeal. 

Flexibility in food choices, creates better opportunities, which can lead to long lasting change.

If you decide to follow this concept due your best too stick to this concept on a weekly basis and the results you're looking for will materialize.

Yours in Fitness

A.Pigott DC

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