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Fitness as a Lifestyle: Why having a Personal Trainer is helpful!

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We all make an effort to look our best as we go out into the world. We put on make up, go to the hair dresser and we put on nice clothes. We don't even think about not brushing our hair or teeth. It's second nature to do these things. It's a part of living a HEALTHY SELF. So how do we make exercise apart of that daily repertoire? In order to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine there first has to be a mind RE-PURPOSE. Not a mind change but a RE-PURPOSE. Too many times we look at exercise as a means to an end. Lose weight and lose inches. Fitness can't and shouldn't be looked at like that. It's no wonder that people don't like exercising as the PURPOSE for their success is to LIMITED.

If you approach exercise like this it'll be hard for you to see changes. Try and refocus your PURPOSE on positive thought terms. Here are a few ( I'm sure you can create more as you review the ones listed below ):

  • I am doing this for ME ( imagine your face here ): Before we can give LOVE. We have to LOVE ourselves. Once YOU connect with taking care of YOU. You can take care of others.
  • I want to increase the quality of my life years: We are ALL getting older. But , the quality of life we live, we can live functioning better.
  • I want to be there for my family: We work, we raise kids, we have busy lives. People depend on us ( family, friends, co-workers ) . That can be an excellent motivator.
  • I want live a pain free life: Walking slower, lifting less weigh is OK. Having chronic pain that impacts everyday life?! Not cool! That is not in the cards for ME or YOU!

That's just a few thoughts that come to mind. The ones I listed above are the ones I repeat to myself on the days as I try and chicken out of working out. Call it GUILT!?. But I do it! I'm sure we can list a few more terms that can be positive motivators for us to FOCUS our fitness and everyday efforts.

The main thing is that we need to look at fitness as a LIFESTYLE. One that we do as SECOND NATURE. Imagine not combing your hair, brushing your teeth or wearing dirty clothes. You know that isn't going to work for you nor the people that are important to you in your life.

Having your friendly neighborhood personal trainer in Oakland is an excellent way that can only help you to stay on point and headed in the right direction.

I hope this gave you some new perspective on why we are exercising. In the meantime use the list of PURPOSED words to help you experience a different version of exercise. If you can create your own unique motivational terms to help you live a fitness based lifestyle then all will be for the better.


A. Pigott






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