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Focus and it's Importance in Personal Training

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Focus and it's Importance in Personal Training

Focus is something we need, if we want to succeed and get results. Whatever the challenge having Commitment and Determination can/will let you complete the task before you. Namely, having the Focus to stay on course. So how to we develop the focus part of the equation?

  • Commitment + Determination = Focus 

One of the first things to developing good focusing skills is to recognize what are the things that make you lose focus: 

  • Do you get bored?
  • Do you let other things get in the way of current projects?
  • Are you surrounded by people who make you lose focus?
  • Do you find it difficult to manage your time?

I'm sure that you could name a few more to the list above. But the main part of this exercise is for you to recognize what are the distractions that cause you to verve off track. Staying Committed to Fitness and having the Determination to stay Consistent can be a challenge for a lot of people.

Sometimes we can get clarity and focus enlisting other people to help us stay on point. One of the easiest in my opinion is working with me your personal trainer for the Oakland/Piedmont area. Check out this cool article in the Wall Street Journal ( https://www.wsj.com/articles/forget-the-hotshot-trainer-with-the-six-pack-boomers-want-mature-fitness-coaches-11554557400?emailToken=fd87d85c0483768d64d6cb01f21bd0d9Uou3a8VBZGczUE/RyiIUkkMIcavAtEuXj4ItrdrD3/4iwfNy+zNiAu5af2ACBHI2MVq6QuNpT7JHjkng76AUqIbI5NsJS2NyOX6TpPLwV+kVSmUpDEEofGUoL9g/YyiRBRY3ConlSUVrU4soXXNS+A%3D%3D&reflink=article_email_share )

When making the commitment to a fitness based lifestyle there will always be peaks and valley's along your journey. Whom you to take that journey with will make a world of difference in your ability to push yourself beyond what you think that you can do.

Below are some ideas you can repeat or write down to yourself so that you can stay on the straight and narrow path to fitness success:

  • Try and make your fitness sessions the same day and time every week. Track using either your appointment book or mobile phone
  • Try and schedule "You" time. Such as a walk by yourself or with your partner or friend(s)
  • Go to bed at a regular time each night. Program your alarm on your phone to remind you to wind yourself down from your day.
  • Think and say positive "affirmations: I.e " I owe to myself ", " Need to focus on my needs " " I want to look and feel my best for me"

I'm sure you can create your own "affirmations" to help you create points of focus for your fitness efforts. Having these tools is important. It helps create ways that work to get you  up and to stay going. In doing so; know that your " Friendly Neighborhood personal trainer for the Oakland/Piedmont area is here with you all the way!

Yours in Fitness

A.Pigott DC


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