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The Balance of all things

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The Balance of all things

Hello Next Levelers,

Balance is the key to life. How many times have you heard that phrase? In movies; such as "Star Wars" Anakin ( aka Darth Vader ) was to bring " balance to the force"

You hear it in politics: Creating a "balance" of power in the world. (aka  super power )

But what does Balance mean when it comes to the body?

There are many forms of balance that can pertain to the body. Balance between the heart and lungs, Hamstrings and quadriceps, Chest and upper back. There needs to be coordination and symmetry between these areas to allow you to function. As you can see any interruption between your heart and lungs can lead to lung and heart aliments.

But the one we focus on the most @ Next Level Fitness is "balancing" the body on our feet. Using props such as wobble boards, One legged balance using your own body weight and other forms of unstable surfaces ( safe ones! ) can help to increase your ability to stabilize yourself if you ever are in a situation where you have a potential to fall and injure yourself.

Falling injuries can happen to anyone. But as we get older the increase in falls rises sharply if we don't practice balance related fitness activities.

Clients @ Next Level practice some form of "balance" related activities at every training session along with their related strength training activities. 

Being "balanced" is a very good thing to be in any endeavor.

Here is article from Kaiser Permanente that illustrates some of the positives of incorporating "balance" into your lifestyle:


Take what ever positives you can from it; as it relates to you and incorporate them into your life. 


Next Level Fitness

A. Pigott

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