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Why we Sweat and how it helps Us Change.

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Why we Sweat and how it helps Us Change.

Sweat it's apart of the exercise experience and is apart of the process of body changes necessary to help you change your body. Why do we sweat how to make our bodies more efficient. 

Firstly what is Sweat:? Sweat is mostly water and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium. Sweating is designed to help us cool our bodies off and make us less susceptible to over heating. which can cause us too have heat stroke and a sluggish heart and lead us to faint pass out or worse have a seizure.

The best way to minimize over heating is by drinking water. How much water? Well the urban legend is (8) 8 fl oz of water per day. But the more up to date method is 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces for i.e if your 150 lb. divide your weight in half 1/2 . 150 lb./2 = 75 fl oz. A standard serving of water is 16.9 fl oz. Divide 75 by 16.9 and you'll get 4.45. that means through out your day drinking at least (4) 16.9 fl oz of water to satisfy your minimum daily water requirements. Now you can consume more. But be aware that your body will excrete what it doesn't use. So you should be OK.

There is a dis-ease state called hyponatremia which is excess water consumption that leads to dilution of your mineral salts , mostly sodium, that can lead to organ disfunction namely heart attacks. Highly unlikely for us at Next Level Fitness.

The main thing to know is that sweating is a beneficial bodily function that help us regulate heat leading us to shedding stored energy more efficiently.

So drink to your hearts content!!

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