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  • Nutrition 101: How to eat for Good health.

    Nutrition 101 : Eating for your best health As we begin the new year, Can we in 2022 start off in the right direction by making sure we are making wise choices. Eat to lose weight is not a misnomer. It's a FACT! I have listed below an outline that can help you navigate the essential points of becoming more aware of food and how energy dense it is and how it affects your body. Eat plenty of whole grain carbohydrates, especially those high in fiber ( Breads and grains ) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables ( @ least 2/3 of your plate should comprise this food group, minimize dressings ) Look for low-and non-fat dairy products ( milk, non dairy, yogurt ) Go ....

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  • Creating a Family Fitness Plan in 2022

    Creating a Family Fitness Plan in 2022

    Welcome to the year 2022! Hope all of you had a festive holiday season. Now that we are starting a new year. It's always a good idea to establish goals and milestones that you would like for yourself and your greater circle: Your family! In order to establish these " family fitness "goals I have outlined for you a quick guide to help create a plan for 2022. Get into a regular exercise routine Research shows that exercise benefits all people: young children seniors those with chronic aliments pregnant women active people The key is to find an activity that all of you can enjoy and stick with it! Try and brainstorm together events that you can all do and be ....

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  • Benefits of the massage gun

    Benefits of the massage gun

    Hello Fitness friends, We've seen them on TV, magazines and probably in your chiropractic, physical therapist or at your local gym.This small yet powerful tool can help you relieve tight and sore muscles. Why are these tools cool and helpful?! Well, if your not near your chiropractor or massage therapist and you need " !RELIEF NOW! " These machines can provide short term reduction in pain/discomfort. Whether it's work related ( possible work comp issue ) as a result of sitting at a desk or standing. A fitness enthusiast and/or athlete recovering form a workout or a game. Percussion massagers are beneficial in filling the void before you see a health professional. How it ....

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  • Supplements to enhance your immunity

    Supplements to enhance your immunity

    Many people do not understand the benefits the nutritional supplementation can have on helping the body to not only function better but be more resilient in fighting of dis-ease. Taking pharmaceutical grade supplements such as Vitamin E, A, Zinc and Vitamin D can have a positive effect upon the immune system in particular when addressing the healthy lung tissue. Breathing and eating are some of the major pathways by which pathogens into our bodies and cause inflammation. Reducing inflammation is paramount to maintaining a healthy body ecosystem. The supplements I listed above are of importance due to their unique anti-inflammatory properties. Utilization of these nutrients can ....

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  • How to Train Effectively during the Winter months.

    How to Train Effectively during the Winter months.

    Hello and Welcome Back!! Well, we are coming to the end of the year 2021. We have experienced a lot of changes and there is still some uncertainty concerning how we all will fare this winter season, particularly as it relates to " colds "and " flu " The best remedy to address an individual's risk for developing respiratory illness is to strive to maintain a fitness level that is functional and user friendly. Exercise is usually the best medicine to help you overcome any chances of having a respiratory or physical body breakdown. In this recent article in the British Journal of Medicine , it states upon literature review that increasing the aerobic capacity cof your lungs ....

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  • 7 Effective and Proven Brain Strengthening exercises

    7 Effective and Proven Brain Strengthening exercises

    Hello again, I recently came across some articles talking about the topic that I have written about for you today. As we get older we increase the likelihood that we will experience some form of mental decline. We never would want that, but if we don't practice some if the techniques listed below you may be on a course of no return. I have looked on the internet to find you the best ideas out there concerning maintaining a healthy mental space in our lives. I can't guarantee that they will work, but i can guarantee that if you don't try you will not be successful. Therefore. Don't try . Do! Alzheimer's and Dementia are two of the most common forms of mental decline that the general ....

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  • Making time for yourself. Down time

    Making time for yourself. Down time

    Have you ever heard these phrases? Slow down Take it easy Things will work out All's not loss You have time I listed these phrases to illustrate the beginning of my topic. We all "ass-sume" that things are simple and can be done with the snap of a finger. As well meaning as these phrases or statements can be. They can at times minimize the significance of being able to create an environment where you can truly make TIME for yourself. I have listed below some 4 tips to help you create an ideal environment for you to find downtime to recharge your batteries: Use your hands: Here are some things you can do with your fingers besides texting! Paint, make ....

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  • Mindful Fitness: How to be more Engaged in your Workouts!

    Mindful Fitness: How to be more Engaged in your Workouts!

    Hello Neighbor, As a fitness professional it's our job to ensure that clients are getting the maximum results from every session they attend with us. One of the challenges is getting clients to stay focused throughout the exercise session. In the video I share some tips and ideas on how you can get more engagement from your sessions and help your clients reach their fitness potential. There are 2 ways to achieve this. Internal and External stimulation. Using verbal, visual and touch to emphasize areas of the body being worked and what muscles are involved in creating that action. Having clients "tune "into their sessions will help them become more focused on their fitness ....

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  • Managing Heat: How to Exercise safely in hot weather.

    Managing Heat: How to Exercise safely in hot weather.

    The CDC ( Centers for Disease and Control ) reported that data extrapolated between the years of 2004 - 2018 ( 14 years ) showed an average of 728 deaths per year from heat related injuries. In the US alone there are at least 65,000 emergency room and hospital visits just for heat aliments alone. What are some of the best ways to prevent heat injuries when a person wants to live an active fitness lifestyle? Extreme heat Impact One of the best ways for the body to cope with external heat is to Sweat. Sweating is the bodies attempt to maintain a balanced body temperature of 98.6 *. Sweating can be compromised: if we wear tight, non breathable clothing Not hydrated properly ....

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  • 3 Things you can do Now! To Adopt healthy eating habits!

    3 Things you can do Now! To Adopt healthy eating habits!

    Adopting healthy eating habits can be challenging but by and large if you have a plan, keep to a schedule and forgive yourself if you slip up. You can begin to take control of your health and start the process of making smarter food choices. Listed below are 3 things you can do to start adopting healthy eating habits. Move more I've found that lifestyle changes are successful only when they are straight forward and relevant. When it comes to exercise. People have too much of a tendency to " go all out " I realize that your motivated. But jumping right into it can cause you to: get injured get discouraged stop your efforts A more realistic approach would be to ....

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