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  • Six things you can do to Jump Start your Fitness Program!

    Six things you can do to Jump Start your Fitness Program!

    We all want to be healthy and fit. But, what is the best way to begin a fitness program? There are a multitude of videos and articles and how to's out there. But, sometimes you need simple concrete action steps to get the ball rolling. Once you have plan you can create the ideal body that you want for yourself. Although, jumping right into fitness has its benefits. Not planning to train will ultimately lead to fitness failure. It's in your best interest to structure an exercise routine that is easy to navigate and you can be consistent. These steps although elementary are VERY
    significant because it gives you a structured plan to exercise on a weekly basis. Over time because you ....

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  • Exercising in Uncertain times

    Exercising in Uncertain times

    It's been about 8 weeks
    since we were "asked" to Shelter in Place . The horizon for normalcy is uncertain at this time and many of us are not sure what the future will hold. " BUT
    " in the meantime, what can and should we be doing now? Particularly when it comes to exercise, healthy eating and positive thoughts. Well let us review some " ACTIONABLE
    " ideas that we can employ to help us get through this unique time in our lives
    Time oF Day
    : Remember the good old days. You know 8 - 10 weeks ago. when you HAD TIME
    and didn't realize it. Now you need to figure out what time of day is best for you to begin your exercise. I know WE ALL HAVE A LOT OF TIME
    . It's how we manage it that ....

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  • How should I be breathing during my workouts?

    How should I be breathing during my workouts?

    I have noticed in my journey as a fitness trainer a variety of things related to physical fitness. One of the most constant, peculiar and at times challenging things to teach clients is how to properly breathe. Without going into detail of the specifics of poor breathing I would rather like to focus upon the proper form of breathing. In particular when we are working out during exercise. To get comfortable breathing properly lets review these 5 concepts:
    Breathe through your nose: Sounds simple? Not really. A vast majority of people when not working out breathe through their mouth. Our noses filter oxygen as it passes through. Nose hairs trap particulate matter and mucus encases it so ....

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  • What are the best Carbohydrates for my Diet?

    What are the best Carbohydrates for my Diet?

    Carbohydrates ( aka " sugars
    " ) are the primary energy source that our bodies require to fuel our bodies. The question is what and which carbohydrates have the best nutrients for our daily lives? The current trend of reducing or eliminating carbohydrates and replacing them with protein and fat has it's merits but is not the best way to manage your health. particularly if your working out and exercising on a fairly regular basis. Current health treads recommend low carbohydrate foods as a means to control energy in relation to reducing bodyweight. This approach has some challenges, namely a low carbohydrate diet can result in excess ketones
    in our blood stream which can lead to ....

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  • Nutritional Supplements to Manage your Potential for Respiratoty Aliments

    Nutritional Supplements to Manage your Potential for Respiratoty Aliments

    Greetings to all, Since this "pandemic" began. I have been doing a review of the literature to see if there could be more we as individuals can do to reduce our risk for developing Covid-19. There is current and past research that has been done to prove the efficacy of taking vitamins and other nutritional supplements to enhance our immune response to infections. Before, I go further. Let's clear this up first. Vitamins are not drugs . Vitamins occur naturally in the physical world. Drugs are made in a lab. One is complimentary the other reactionary. Nutrients take time to have an effect. Drugs are immediate in their function. When used properly they are both useful tools to help us ....

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  • Next Level Fitness response to Covid-19

    Hello Next Levelers, I hope this email reaches you in good health and spirits. As all of you know as a society we are responding to the crisis referred to as the " CORONA VIRUS
    ". I know a number of you are still concerned about the risks associated with this new disease. At NEXT LEVEL FITNESS
    , I and other members have been performing due diligence, as recommended by the CDC, in making sure we are:
    regular hand washing or use of hand-sanitizer
    hands free social greeting
    disinfecting equipment before and after use
    making sure to use an elbow if coughing or sneezing
    proper use and disposal of used tissues, followed by effective hand washing NEXT LEVEL
    , unlike ....

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  • Why isn't the weight scale changing?

    Why isn't the weight scale changing?

    We all have our reasons for wanting to be fit:
    Some want to lose weight
    Some want to build muscle
    Some to prevent surgeries
    Some recuperate after a surgery
    Some to increase their athletic performance ...It runs the gamut of what that persons needs are at this particular time in their lives. In the fitness industry, my domain, I get this question a lot: Have been eating right and exercising. Why haven't I lost weight? Here are some reasons why that may be the case: 1. Because you think you are eating healthy.
    Doesn't mean that you might be overeating the healthy stuff! Calories are calories. Eat too much it gets stored. Stored energy is FAT
    !!That leads to weight gain!! 2. Not ....

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  • Why the BMI isn't that important

    The Body Mass Index has been a method used in the health care and fitness industries to assess an individuals risk for developing lifestyle oriented Diseases such as;

    A therosclerosis
    heart disease

    type 2 diabetes
    smoking and alcohol and drug abuse The choices people make due to social, familial or environmental exposure can cause numerous health complications that can put one at risk for developing the aforementioned aliments. The BMI ( Body Mass Index ) is the measure of a persons Weight divided by their Height ( W/H ) and the relation the divided number is too a scale or chart. The fallacy with the BMI is that it doesn't take into account the ....

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  • How to Calculate your Exercise Training Rate

    How to Calculate your Exercise Training Rate

    In order to maximize our ability to burn stored energy ( Body Fat ) we need to be maintaining our exercise heart rate between a certain range. The range depends on how fit you are and what activities you will be using to achieve your desired fitness effect. To Calculate your exercise training zone Please use this formula: 220 - ( your age ) - ( your resting heart rate, RHR )* = Your Heart rate reserve zone (HHR)
    Using your Heart rate reserve zone you can determine what your fitness zones should be. For example: Robin is a 42 year old adult. Robin begins by taking their pulse. Either by testing pulses at the carotid artery or the radial artery or if you have a i Watch or FitBit. ....

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  • Best Ideas for Proper Food Choices

    Here is an outline that can give you some ideas on proper food choices: Always eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Make sure your food choices consist of:
    Fluids: Choose fluids as close to water as possible. ( 6 - 8 ) 8 oz glasses per day. or 1/2 your body weight in fluid oz. i.e if you weigh 150 lb. / 2 = 75 fl.oz / 16.9 fl oz ( standard serving of water ) = 4. Therefore, consume (4) 16.9 fl oz bottles per day to meet your hydration needs.
    Carbohydrates: All complex. Whole-wheat is not Whole grains. Whole foods = full energy.
    Protein: land and sea based. Finger tip to Palm size servings
    Fats: A serving of oil is 1 tbsp. or a pat of butter. In this order of ....

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