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  • Hit the Snooze Button! Sleep Apnea can cause more than poor sleep

    Hit the Snooze Button! Sleep Apnea can cause more than poor sleep

    Sleep is very important. But, snoring can make it a bit difficult. Especially, when it's one of your loved ones. What is good approach to alleviating snoring which can lead to sleep APNEA. Those people at risk for: Cardiovascular aliment ( high blood pressure, arrhythmia) Increase body weight ( overweight or obesity ) Diabetics Symptoms you may be at risk: dry mouth night sweats nighttime urination morning headaches night time cramping Night reflux ( acrid reflux ) Treatment Oral applications to hold the lower jaw forward reducing airway blockage CPAP ( continuous positive air pressure ) A medical device that uses a face mask or a mouth ....

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  • What does a fitness assessment do?

    What does a fitness assessment do? In this video, I outline what goes into a fitness evaluation and how these fitness metrics are used to create a fitness program for a client. Follow up with me if you have additional questions. Next Level Fitness A. Pigott DC ....

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  • When vegetables are just as good as eating Meat!!

    When vegetables are just as good as eating Meat!!

    Greeting to you all. Today's blog concerns veggie alternatives to meat. I listed below a recipe I recently made: Shepherd's Pie. I've list below the recipe I found online . But, here I summarize some of the ingredient changes that I made. Eating healthy meals without consuming meat can be a challenge for most people and families. Growing up in America ,we are taught that protein is meat based, but there are alternatives to eating our four legged friends so that we can still get the " protein benefits " of meat by eating good quality vegetables. Look at a recipe like Shepherd's Pie. Traditionally, it's made with ground beef. but in the description I will give you ....

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  • Allergie Season is upon us. A few tips during on managing your risk.

    Allergie Season is upon us. A few tips during on managing your risk.

    Now that we are all going out into the world after having been sequestered in quarters for almost 3 years. We look forward to going out for food and socializing with friends and family in intimate spaces. But, there is something lurking outside in the environment that we haven't been exposed to for quite sometime............ POLLEN! Pollen, the the super small seeds and material that flow in the air, laying down on fertile land to grow the flowers and the food we need to live on this planet can wreck havoc on our immune systems and if you don't become more proactive on prevention you can run the risk having having a serious allergic response that could put a serious damper on all ....

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  • What to eat when your Busy!

    What to eat when your Busy!

    Hello Potential Next Level Client, Getting stuck in the fast lane seems to be a way of life for most of us these days. Too much to do ( work schedules, kids schedules other commitments have limited the time that people spend on taking care of themselves in relation to smart food choices and physical activity. It's easy at times to say that " we need to make a commitment " which is true......... but easier said than done! If you want to change you need to do it immediately as the thought occurred to you. Not to ponder its' significance! I fear to many do the latter rather than the former . In particular when it comes to food choices. How do we eat better when we are ....

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Self Improving your life

    5 Simple Steps to Self Improving your life

    Greeting future N ext Level Clients, We all search for our place in the universe. Some know exactly where they are are going and others need some time to figure it out. Having some "life tools" can be helpful in creating a new and improved version of you. Listed below are 5 tips on how you can make wiser choices and begin to create the new reality that you seek and desire. Be consistent : Make a commitment and stick with it. Have friends : Everyone needs a support system do your best to maintain good relations with family and friends Help others : If you can reach out and help someone make a contribution to a charity, volunteer your time. These acts can help ....

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  • Using Breathing to Control Stress

    Using Breathing to Control Stress

    In our last Blog post we discribed ways to relief stress by: Being Active Creating Quite spaces Getting an adequate amount of sleep Having more social connections Another tool in the arsenal would be to learn proper breathing techniques. A simple way to perform breathing is to: Breathe in through your nose and count to four as you do so. Focus on inhaling as deep as possible filling your lungs Hold your breathe of filled oxygen for 4 seconds BREATHE out slowly through your mouth ( pursed lips ) for 4 seconds Upon EXPIRATION hold your breath for 4 seconds REPEAT these steps until you feel a relaxed sensation throughout your body and then you ....

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  • Stress Relief: tips to manage day to day stress

    Stress Relief: tips to manage day to day stress

    Hello to you all, How do you manage stress? Living in the world there isn't anybody who hasn't been under some kind of pressure to meet a deadline , deal with unpleasant people and just be overwhelmed by day to day live. How we respond to our stresses can have a big impact on our overall health. Listed below are some tips on how to cope and manage a pressure filled day. Be Active: find an activity that you like to do. living an active lifestyle can reduce your risk for stress related problems. Participating in regular fitness training can lower anxiety and depression. Fitness is an excellent way to promote health and well being. Exercise reduce cortisol and known stress ....

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  • An Aspirin Update

    An Aspirin Update

    Aspirin is used primarily as pain and anti inflammatory mediators. Recent reviews by the AHA ( American Health Association ) is reassessing the use of aspirin as a preventative measure to minimum the risk of a CVD ( cardiovascular disease ) in persons older that 60 years of age. The long term use of low dose aspirin may give the user an increase risk of blood clotting and lead to someone getting a CVD. Which is exactly the opposite of what your trying to do!! It has been found that long term use as a prophylactic can cause gastrointestinal bleeding which as lead to the increase formation of clots in the blood. Aspirin, still has benefits as a pain and anti ....

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