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  • The Expert’s Guide to talk yourself into regular exercise

    The Expert’s Guide to talk yourself into regular exercise

    How many times have you tried to talk yourself out of doing your exercise? A few times......or All the time? I you caught yourself saying these things: I'm too tired. I'm too busy. It's too late. Then join the millions of others who struggle with the same issue. Are there ways to combat this? Yes. This blog with give you a starting point. To overcoming these objectionable objections. But, you'll have to put in a little work to identify why you say these things and how to reprogram yourself to do a better job. Once you improve your train of thoughts you can make a stronger commitment to yourself to exercise. It all starts with........ Examining your " negative self ....

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  • 3 Things that can help fuel your body.

    3 Things that can help fuel your body.

    Food is the fuel that powers our body. We all eat. We all like to eat. But, to eat properly is to help feed your body the right nutrients so that you can perform optimally when working out in the gym. " If you can't pick it from a tree, dig it from the ground, or catch it from the sea. You shouldn't be eating it" Now that holds true if your options are plenty. But, at times we need to "augment" our diet with other nutrients. Such as shakes of whey protein and supplements such as creatine to name a few options. I list below 3 things that you should be doing to make sure you are fueling your body optimally. Set up a eating schedule : Before you go to sleep. You ....

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  • 7 things you didn't know that can help with low energy

    7 things you didn't know that can help with low energy

    It has been estimated that 42% of Americans report that by the time they have to begin their day they already feel exhausted and want to go back to bed. Now, this could be related to: staying up late medical condition over exertion stress poor food choices Any of the above except " medical condition " is within the parameters of our control. Below, I will list 7 things that you can do to limit low energy in your body. Protein: Having protein with your meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ) can help increase your energy to your working muscles. Protein such as poultry, lean meats, fish eggs, dairy nuts, grains These foods listed above when eaten in the ....

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  • How to beat the Afternoon slump after lunch.

    How to beat the Afternoon slump after lunch.

    Ever eat a meal particularly at lunch time and a few minutes to hours later you feel tired and ready to take a nap? Well you're not alone in this experience. What is happening to you is AKA " Post-Lunch Slump " Hanging with your co workers and getting a burger, fries and a soda. Then in all the reverie you think" you know what I'm going to get is a milkshake ! " then you head back to work bloated and burping and then you sit at your desk and while trying to work, your eyes get heavy and the office chair slowly becomes a " Laz-z-Boy " and before you know it your snoozing a few minutes with your head like a "bobble", up and down like a car ornament. Then try keeping ....

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  • Can coffee make you tired?

    Can coffee make you tired?

    We all like a sip of coffee from time to time. In a America we have an abundance of coffee spots from Peet's to starbucks hipster baristas to long serving mom and pop breakfast restaurants that along with most meals a cup of coffee is just brewing a few minutes away,. People say they drink coffee for its taste, but for a vast majority it's the Caffeine!! This "natural stimulant" is the main ingredient used to start most if not all days. The age old question is how beneficial is coffee and can it aid us in living a healthy life. I will confine this blog to the whether coffee is a good for working out: Caffeine boosts energy in the short term. On the cellular level caffeine as a ....

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  • Maintaining Joint health

    Maintaining Joint health

    In America, 1 in 4 adults has some form of arthritis. It doesn't depend on age, gender, genetics. But, there are somethings that can contribute to joint pain. They are : Weight : People who are overweight are more prone to developing joint wear and tear. Being overweight can affect weight bearing joints hips, low back and neck. Developing proper food choices and establishing a regular fitness routine can help you to minimize stress on your joints. Infection : There are a number of bacterial injections that can injure joints. If you are experiencing swelling and pain with no obvious trauma. Consult your doctor as ASAP! J oint Injuries : Life is full of bumps, bruises, slips ....

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  • Water is the Essence of Life

    Water is the Essence of Life

    Hello Next Levelers and Potential Next Level Clients, I know we know this but it doesn't hurt to go over it again. YOU NEED TO DRINK WATER!! Ok. I said it again. Now you know what you already knew. The question is what are you going to do about it. Let's review some of the benefits of regularly drinking water Water does the body good by: maintaining proper hydration levels controlling body temperature regulate heart rate provide adequate blood pressure support healthy metabolism protect the spinal cord lubricate your joints It has been recommended by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to have a daily intake of ....

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  • When is the best time to drink Water!

    When is the best time to drink Water!

    Hello Potential Next Level Clients, We all know that water is beneficial to us. The more we drink the healthy benefits to us can help us stay healthy and minimize some of the detriments that happens when we don't drink water. Such as: dry skin hunger pangs poor urine flow not able to eliminate toxins through urine hard stools bloating dry mouth So drinking water on a regular basis can help you prevent the aliments listed above. But, what is the best time of day to maximize our bodies hydration? Drinking randomly through out the day is good. But, are there times during the day that we can ensure we are staying a float. Below, I have listed for you ....

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  • Water. The best beverage on Earth

    Water. The best beverage on Earth

    Water is the essence of life. Without it we can't live. There is no life without it. As precious as it is, it's a necessary nutrient to help us maximize our fitness potential. What are your options if you forget your water bottle or on the road you don't want to buy 16.9 fl oz for $3.50pm. Below are some alternatives to consuming water if you don't have H20 near you. Oatmeal : When cooked with water or milk the oats absorb liquid. Eat them and you get hydrate. Rolled oats or instant are beneficial. Low-fat or fat free :Milk hydrates better than water and sports drinks. It's due to milk protein and has electrolytes ( mineral salts ) that can help replenish your body. ....

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  • Blood Pressure: Ways to reduce your risk for Dementia

    Blood Pressure: Ways to reduce your risk for Dementia

    Everyone know that having high blood pressure can lead to a host of aliments such as: Kidney failure. Heart disease New evidence published in the British medical journal The Lancet Neurology has stated the middle aged people between the ages of 35 - 45 who if they have increased risk factors such as: smoking lack of activity overweight obese diabetes can not only increase risk for heart disease but increase risk of mental deficiencies. ( Dementia ) What are some of the ways we can reduce our risk? There are a few ways we can do this. Ways to Lowering our blood pressure Lose weight : Having an ideal body weight where there is a ....

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